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Suggestion - Legendary weapons

By Tearssfornoone#7457 July 22, 2022, 12:17:34
Let's take into considerations how to obtain a legendary weapon now.

The three conditions currently are:
    -Reach level 180 or higher.
    -Complete the achievement for the monster family.
    -Complete the basic achievement for the zone dungeon.

Most players looking to drop a weapon have usually already met these conditions and go straight to step 2 of the quest, which relies purely on luck, we can't increase our chance of dropping with challs/almanax bonuses/pp gear, only thing that matters is killing mob fast, playing like a bot and hope for this to end soon, no sense of accomplishment at all.
Some dropped on 1st day of the update while others have been trying for a month now without doing anything else in the game and still haven't succeeded yet, sitting on bunch of useless resources, there's bad blood already between me and Sakai mobs, no need to keep dropping Infected Blood aswell. (get it? Sry, bad joke)

I would like to propose 2 alternatives that would make obtaining weapons less nerve-racking while still offering a challenge to the players, as well as providing content that keeps them busy for some time (which was devs' purpose with this update).

Suggestion #1:
>Add the condition to "Complete all the achievement for the zone dungeon".
>Increase the droprate of the weapons.

"but my class is not strong enough to complete all achievements of dungeon x".
Fine, I could still argue that something similar can be said for Ascension Island. We are not forced to complete floor 75 and floor 100 with our main char and I'm 100% sure all classes can run all duos in the game.

"I don't care about pvm content, I prefer killing 10k mobs over trying dungeon achievements"
...Ok, then maybe you will like the next proposal more

Suggestion #2:
>Keep same conditions we have now.
>Every dungeon achievement completed slightly increases the droprate of the weapons.

The base droprate would be the same we have now. We will have the choice to increase it by completing the dungeon achievements or not. This will also encourage players to run dungeons' achievements and make server more active.

"They are called legendary for a reason, they are supposed to be hard to obtain, no one complains about Vulbis being too hard to drop"
Legendary weapons are linked to account, you can't trade them, kamas spent for "Grinding" are lost forever, they don't have a value; Vulbis on the other hand...
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