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Remove markets from dofus touch! Create a personal market area like in dofus.

By ricardoh1991#5360 August 16, 2022, 00:57:51

**Remove markets from dofus touch! There is no need for them since everyone can buy stuff from the store.
**Instead place a info dofus touch npc where new players can get guidance. I notice that new players do not understand what to do.
**Suggestion. Remove all market sellers since it's obsolete in dofus touch due to store button in the menu.
**Second suggestion. Remove all markets accept 1. Make it like the local trading area where players can also open there own store for a limit off 24 hours. Like in dofus if you are subscribed. 
**Third suggestion all the above. Include a guidance npc.. to help new players with basic questions like.
**What are good farming locations, include coords given by the community. Ect
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