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Current state of Dofus PvP

By ShikaWymiataczo#9945 October 01, 2022, 11:21:27
-Gear full of exo res is king.
-Every single group PvP fight has Feca in it.
-Most of the games have Masq.
-Sac is popular too, so he can sacriface if you managed to get rid off someone's shields.
-On top of that usually there's a healer, usually Enu or another int dude with the very balanced healing bow. But healers get countered easily by Masq.

The classes I almost never see, are Foggernauts, Rogues, Sadidas, Ecas, non-str Cras. You'd think unbewitchment will be a good counter for the pvp meta, but 1 unb vs bazillion shields with barely any cooldown isn't that great.

So typical PvP fight is a 30+ minutes grind through all the defensive layers. Unless you forgot to brought your own Feca/Masq, then it can end pretty fast for you.
Is that it, the peak of pvp balance? You tell me, all I know is that many players stay as far away as they can from PvP, because it's simply not fun. It takes forever to find a kolossium match, AVAs are empty and percs are attacked when the guild is asleep.
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