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Can somebody please explain to me how the resource protector's spells work?

By Esperantisto#8126 November 01, 2022, 13:11:20
I came back to the game after years away, and everything is different, which is cool, but I was shocked the first time I fought a resource protector. Specifically, I'm fishing, so I don't know if it's any different for other resource protectors. I'm able to kill it just fine, but the triggered effects are really confusing. Can anybody explain to me how this works? Is there some sort of trick to avoiding the triggered damage? It's just confusing, I don't understand what's happening in the fight.
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I can roughly explain you the mechanics, might be wrong on some details because for some time I have big enough dmg to just kill it quickly:  
1) The protector always teleports to you at start of the fight and immediately starts running away. Keep in mind where you start, because he liks to hide behind obstacles.
2) For each hit you apply on the Protector, you get -1 buffs duration. So it might not be worth it to waste AP on buffing yourself.
3) You receive massive erosion through the fight, your max HP quickly gets lower. So you can't live for too long, even with heals.
4) You receive damage every time you damage the Protector. I guess, it's around 50-70% of the hit you did.
5) You also receive multi-elemental damage at the end of every turn.
6) The Protector has very low MP parry, might be easier to catch him if you can take MP. I'm not sure about taking AP, my class can't do it.  
7) If you bring the Protector below 50% HP,  on 3rd turn you get healed to full.
8) The Protector level gets higher every 20 lvls of the player. So you have to keep up with the gear upgrades.  

So the general tactic is to not let him run away and hide, because you need to bring him to at least 50% before 3rd turn. And don't hit him too hard if your HP isn't high enough, because you don't want to kill yourself with reflect before the healing turn. Having some resists is also very helpful here, you might want to try changing your pet to mount with 5% res.
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