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Koliseu with unfair matches

By siel100#9463 November 09, 2022, 02:34:28
My matches in koliseu are ridiculous, my classification is 700 and level 180, I only catch 200 players and lose the fight, but the classification goes up to 900, even losing the fights it keeps going up and so I only get player 200, how can that? Please fix it, so it's discouraged to play.
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I agree with you, it is a bit boring for you and for those who justify challenges, personally I do not enter koliseo for the rewards, but rather to grab me to combos with other players and clearly falling into a team of pure 200 against levels below 190 is quite annoying. The worst of all this is that my rating is 1250, that is to say that the fact of looking for a fight translates into a wait of 20 min minimum and when it appears it is with an unevenness in my favor which makes it boring.
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