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Suggestion to make AvA more appealing

By NAHIM#4615 November 24, 2022, 01:35:41
I've been helping my alliance whenever possible in AvA to defend or capture territories, though I have noticed at least in my experience few people (and usually the same) participate, there are only one or two every now and then where more people show up. Not sure how the situation is in other servers but at least in Grandapan only 2 alliances fight constantly and other alliances almost never show up.

In general I feel it is usually boring as sometimes people don't even show up and you end up standing there for 30 mins, and it is not as rewarding for time invested on it. I was thinking about how could it be more appealing, not just for the strongest players, but for the lower levels as well. 

My suggestion would be to reward Kolossoken or a similar token to boost participation and make it so that even other alliances might even consider showing up. This would be some general points:
  • Defending alliance player gets 15 tokens if defending is successful (5 tokens for every 10min accumulated on defence.)
  • Attacking alliance player gets 30 tokens if capturing territory is successful (10 tokens for every 10min accumulated on attack)
  • Buried players lose any possibility of getting tokens as well as players in tomb status

I consider attacking players should be rewarded more tokens as some territories are harder to get into. Also stonger players might consider creating new alliances just to get a higher reward.

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