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Legendary weapons problem :)

By All-Star-Men#1751 January 08, 2023, 00:13:01
Hello, I am Faceboomer, I mostly play danzal on server Dodge and i just want to talk about legendary weapons with the community.
I love them, I loved when they announced the update, I loved the beta, I loved and still love the incredible rarity of this kind of item, which make them so unique and special.
It is so frustrating. It really is. I may look like a crybaby but please read about my experience and try to understand what I am writing.
I am level 200 since early 2022 in dofus touch, and I’ve completed my last set since that moment, so I enjoyed the “postgame” for over a year. I did hardcore dungeons, challenges, dofus missions, avas. But from the Legendary Weapons update I invested all my time in game only to try to get the legendary daggers in sakai. Lots of months have passed (5? ) and, independently to the hours I spend in-game, I want to talk about the quality of the time I experienced: log in-> almanax (lol still haven’t got dolmanax it’s embarassing)-> sakai->sakai->sakai->repeat->sakai->logout. I know this is MY choice of gameplay and it is more smart trying to take breaks doing other stuff but my aim as a collector is to get them as soon as I can.
I did some math, based on the xp donated to my guild (go Flegias ️), which is approximately 240m of xp just from sakai fights, I made over 11-12k fights in sakai…. 12k……. I understand the drop rate is similar to the vulbis, but how can a person enjoy the game if the only thing that makes in-game is fighting THE SAME type of mob again and again and again and AGAIN. And what it makes more frustrating to me is to see people dropping’em after a week or less. Repetitiveness is what makes people leave what they love (a relationship, an activity, a game…)
Ok, let’s say I am unlucky, that is the part of the game, but, understand me, how can I find enjoyable this experience, how the game is giving me incentives to enjoy the postgame? We are talking about almost half year of time(!!), and I think I play also a bit too much in terms of hours.. plus I only tried to get legendary daggers

…I don’t even imagine trying to get other L.W.. ;(
A possible solution is to increase the drop-rate based on the number of fights u did: for instance after few fights the drop rate is the same, but after 10k fights the drop rate is largely increased. Maybe it could work, it is just an idea..
Ps: I obviously made all the achievements and mission to get L.W I am not that nub ;p
I wish you all good luck to get’em! But please, wish me good luck too because I really really need it ;(
I’ll update this post IF a day I will drop them, otherwise..
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First Ankama intervention
Hello everyone, 

We heard your feedback and our team is discussing it as mentioned in our latest missive.

See message in context
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Btw the increasing drop rate is a cool solution !
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To my side, I don't like anything connected with legendary weapons as I find it a gaming style far from what I enjoy in this game. 
I never dropped a Dofus myself as I hate repetition so imagine killing 12k mobs without the certainty that after all those hours wasted in game I get something out of it.
Worse, if I am lucky enough to drop them, I'll have to spend several hundreds of millions to max them up... It is just mental to me.

I agree that some sort of compensation for the in-game effort made to drop weapons is necessary, and inserting a mob threshold before dropping them could be a way.

Keep up bro and good luck in your legen weap drop!
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I am trying to drop one too. Few weeks already and no luck till now. 
How was it for you guys ? How many fights did it take to drop one?
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I would simply like Ankama to disclose what the drop rate is, if challenges affect drop rate, if there are hidden conditions. That would be a start. 12k fights is quite a bit.

Edit: Could you provide an alternate way of contacting you? Discord or Email?
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Hello everyone, 

We heard your feedback and our team is discussing it as mentioned in our latest missive.

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