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By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 08, 2023, 14:00:00
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 Hello everyone, 

Many of you regularly ask us about the validity of the various devices (except for tablets and classic phones) for playing DOFUS Touch.

In principle, DOFUS Touch is a game that is designed to be played on mobile devices. So, any device that would enable the game to be launched outside of the official app and mobile devices is not allowed.

However, a few points need to be clarified, and you will find them in this FAQ:


Can I play on a Chromebook?

Yes, we consider a Chromebook to be a mobile device. However, due to its specific technology, we do not provide technical support if you encounter any issues with one of these devices.

Windows can launch the game on a computer using some specific techniques – is this allowed? 

No, primarily because DOFUS Touch is a mobile game, and it is important for the game to be launched using the official app.

Can I use an "App Cloner" to multi-account? 

We tolerate this since the game is being launched from the official app on a mobile device. Please be aware that this can pose a security risk, and we cannot guarantee that such third-party apps are not malicious. Cloning the app implies altering it, and during this process, many things can happen.

Can I use mirroring? 

Yes, the game is launched from the app and on a mobile device. However, we do not provide technical support if you encounter any issues.

I play on an iPhone; can I use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard? 

Absolutely, but for the time being, we do not provide technical support for these accessories.

I'm on a Mac; I used to be able to play DOFUS Touch through the Apple Store, so why isn't this possible anymore?

As already explained, you must play on a mobile device. Back then, the game was unintentionally available on that platform.

I bought an Amazon tablet, and I can't find the game in the Store.

DOFUS Touch is not available in the Amazon Store, and there are currently no plans to make it available.

Previously, I could play on my old Huawei, but I can't play on the new one. Why?

New Huawei models no longer have the Google Play Store for reasons beyond our control, so there is no way to download DOFUS Touch on them.

What's more, there are currently no plans to bring DOFUS Touch to the AppGallery.

Reminder: Using emulators and modified clients are forbidden

What is…?

  • An emulator: a virtual device that can be used on a PC to simulate a mobile environment.
  • A modified client: a third-party app that does not launch through the official app.

Using them is forbidden for two reasons: 

1. They make it possible to cheat by making the game easier to play, at the expense of players who adhere to the Terms of Use.

2. They do not guarantee account security. We have noticed that most account thefts were made possible by players playing with malicious modified clients that collected login information (account name, password, etc.). In this specific situation, the Authenticator itself cannot guarantee your account's protection.

Please note that the Support team will not investigate account theft if you have used an emulator or a modified client.

To learn more about the different ways of protecting your account, please go here.

Happy gaming!