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[CONTEST] Saint Potrick: Write Verse with Feeling Instead of Feeling Worse for Wear! Entries Thread

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - March 17, 2023, 15:00:00
Hello everyone,

Post your entry here! If you are unsure how to post an image, you can check this guide.


From today until 9 AM (Paris time) on Monday, March 27, we invite you to enter our Saint Potrick's Day writing contest. Grab your favorite feather, open your pot of kralove ink, then let your creativity take care of the rest. We want you to write an ode to the goddess of drink, so put your heart and soul into it!

Check this link for more information.
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your entries! We will announce the contest winner here.
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Stumbling down an Astrubian street.
A drunken panda, I do meet!

To the tavern, he boisterously says!
For today, it is I who pays!

Raise our tankards to our deity.
The one, the powerful, the almighty!

Many a drink we continue to sink.
Until our cheeks turn a rosy pink.

Toss a few kama to the barkeep.
For now it's time for us to sleep.

But before I go, I still must say.
Enjoy this day and enjoy your play!

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Dear Goddess Pandawa, you who reign over the land of the festive warriors,
You who inspire the joy of living, the taste for fermented drinks,
You are a source of inspiration, happiness and peace for us.

Your grace and beauty are unique,
Your smile is a ray of sunshine that lights up our lives,
Your strength and bravery are unparalleled, you are our protector.

On this day of remembrance, we celebrate your advent among the gods,
We thank you for your benevolent presence and constant protection,
You are the embodiment of celebration and conviviality, our beloved goddess.

On this day we offer you a drink of Pandarium Tremens,
a typical drink of the Pandawas, symbol of their joy of living and their strength,
So that you continue to watch over us and inspire us.

O Goddess Pandawa, our hearts are full of gratitude to you,
You are our model of courage, generosity and brotherhood,
We promise to continue to honour your memory with love and respect.

May your eternal presence continue to illuminate our lives,
And may every day be a celebration in your honour, our dear Pandawa.
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En la fecha de San Patricio, en tabernas se celebra con delicia, con cerveza verde y música en vivo,

la gente baila y canta sin motivo.

Pero en medio de la multitud, una Diosa Pandawa se destaca, con su belleza y gracia sin igual,

todos se enamoran al mirar.

Su amor es puro y verdadero, y en esta noche de fiesta y alegría, ella brilla como una estrella en el cielo,

y todos le rinden homenaje en armonía.

Así es como el amor florece, en las tabernas de Pandala, donde la Diosa Pandawa reina con grandeza,

y todos celebran con amor y cariño su ascensión.
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Score : 54
To Goddess Pandawa
The patron of drinks 
Cheers and offerings from Pandala
We raise unto thee

Through the rivers of the Kwapa
You have let your blessings flow
Praises from Akakwa to Baka
For the fertile lands of rice we sow

To the Tanukis of Terrdala
Your artistry bestowed
These clay pots we offer
For fermented drinks you stow

For your fiery spirit
and love of festivities
Lanterns and fireworks
From Feudala’s fire spirit

Your loyalty to Pandala
A reflection of Aerdala
For its valiant warriors
Will fight for you with vigour​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​So on this day of Martalo
As we raise our glasses
Welcomed by the grand Krosmoz
Pandawa, our Goddess
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Oh Pandawa, goddess of drink and cheer,
Thy brews are the elixir that brings us near.
From the rocky cliffs of Otomai to the dark forests of Moon,
Thy presence brings joy and laughter, oh boon.

Thou art the hero of the Pandawa village,
And the guardian of the sacred Bamboo Plantage.
Thou art the brewer of the finest drinks,
And the master of the fermentation brink.

So here's to thee, oh Pandawa divine,
May thy brews forever taste like fine wine.
For thou art the spirit of adventure and pleasure,
And forever shall reign, oh Pandawa the treasure.

Oh Pandawa, goddess of brew and mirth,
Thy drinks bring joy and laughter to the earth.
From frozen tundras to scorching sands,
Thy presence spreads like wildfire, across all lands.
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Score : 198
And the winner is...
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your entries! We will announce the contest winner here.