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what happened to the grandapan server?

By gearbunsin#6303 August 04, 2016, 09:59:46

I can't enter to the grandapan server , yesterday was ok and now i can't enter.

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Was ok before the backup, played 1 hour ago, then i got disconnected and now it is gone, seems maybe there is an issue with the new server version (47.0) ?

Need to learn french for this game, translated from the french forum:

Hello everyone,

To successfully deploy weekly update tomorrow , maintenance will be performed from 9:30 (Paris time ) and the servers are so inaccessible. These should be available again around 11am .

Thank you in advance for your understanding !

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For all wondering, there is a maintainance Update on the Server starting now, Server should be up in ~ 30 Minutes

Source: French Dofus Touch Forum

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