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Game specs?

By caseyq#4738 August 08, 2016, 09:56:04

What's the game specifications?
Need to buy a tablet that has the ability to smoothly run the game without buying a $9999999 ipad air pro version 5. The specifications are either non existant on the website or well hidden. Any tablet recomendations would be helpful. 

Also release a mobile version of the game ty, dont want to have to jailbreak my new iphone just to play the game. There is absolutely no reason why it is unavilable on phones other than "we dont want users to experience the game this way". Like they already can, just need to jailbreak the phone. Pointless contraint.

Also release this game on PC or your servers will die, plenty of PC users want a fresh economy and game me included. The existing servers are boring when everyones level 200 with end game gear. 

Also I love dofus but Ankama could have done a better job in my opinion. Makes it look like dofus touch isn't a major focus which is disapointing. So much potential. 

Yeah so whats the game specifications 

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First of all, don't mind my forum name tongue 
If you want a good tablet and don't want to pay tons of money, go for the Nvidia K1. 
Though it has only a 8inch screen, it runs Dofus smoothly and you'll get used to the screen anyway. 
I can also run the game on my Galaxy Tab 3, but it's not that smooth.. 

2nd, the game is already "mobile" because it is on tablets. I also think the screen of a phone is too small to play it properly. 

At last: If Dofus Touch was on PC, there is no point of having it on tablets like it is ment to be. Then you also just wipe the servers of the PC version of the game and let everyone start over to get a fresh economy. Though everyone would quit then... 

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Yo como no entiendo ingles me gustaría decirle a los moderadores también sacaran él dofus touch español y con server en español no se si sera él lado indicado de decirle esto pero enserio él ingles se me dificultad mucho también hay muchos latino jugando este juego y también suele dificulta x eso me gustaría q dividieran los server para cada lengua yo amo él dofus y ya q salio para tabletas ahora mucho mejor por favor

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