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The current and future state of Dofus Touch (Implementing content, involving community, etc.)

By NINJA-MGS August 17, 2017, 06:24:03

I don't know how frequently these forums are visited by the content creators, but I would like to say that there are a couple things that bother me, and im sure its not just me, with the current state and future state Dofus Touch is heading towards..

A few topics im going to be hitting on are the following:
- Lack of involvement of the international players
- The future of Dofus Touch
- Difference between Dofus Touch and Dofus PC

Lack of involvement of the international players
Dofus is the only game where I instantly know it's made by french people. For example, when I look at the Discord channel, I just don't feel involved because most of it (besides the seperate english channels) is written in french. Not all the announcements are english and half of the time I do not know what is being discussed. There isnt even a suggestion channel for international players. I feel like this really is a weakpoint of Dofus and always has been. If you want Dofus to be attractive for players all over the world, then i'd expect some professional treatment of the community.

The future of Dofus Touch
First of all, I understand that Dofus Touch requires more time to release large chunks of content because it is a new platform. As developers you guys are trying to take it slow and implement things that are appreciated by the community and also what is, and is not possible in terms of capabilities (stability) of the mobile/tablet platform. 
As a person who is not a part of the Ankama company, I obviously don't know why the decision has been made to have Dofus Touch take a different path compared to Dofus PC. But I do know that Dofus PC has lost a high amount of players because of the direction it has been going towards. I think this is also the reason Ankama decided to keep the 1.29 version of Dofus PC running because alot of people liked the older patches. For example, when the community is standing 50/50 about the lauch of the Class Change potion, I do not understand why the content creators are immediately deciding to add such a feature after just 1 Dofus Missive (where people were being asked what kind of consumables we would like to see). There are people that do not like this feature yet we get no involvement in the process of the implementation of certain features. This will cause Dofus Touch to be the exact copy of Dofus PC, where the community will feel betrayed and not involved. We are unsure what Dofus Touch will be, what will and will not be different from Dofus PC and why. I'm not even sure if this post will be read so I kinda understand why people wouldn't bother to share their opinions on a forum.

Difference between Dofus Touch and Dofus PC
Short after the release of Dofus Touch, we were made clear that Dofus Touch will not tolerate the use of emulators. As a person who has started in the Grandapan server since its launch, I notice a huge decrease in players. Players that I know are quitting, and the core features such as the PvP in the kolosseum, grouping for dungeons/exp/farming are losing it's purpose or are not being brought to it's full potential. The Kolosseum has literally became a 1-2 battles per day (IF you're lucky) and only against the same 2-3 teams over and over again. Even worse is the fact that the Kolosseum is becoming a farming tool that lets friends wintrade for kolossokens (yes, this is happening). And I don't blame them, how else are we supposed to craft a piece that requires 3 Sparkling Pebbles?

The point i'm trying to make is, that when you decide to restrict the use of emulators on Touch, you also need to assure the community that the servers stay well populated. In this case, we have people from different countries seperated in a couple of servers that are close to dying. Why do we need to have a seperate server based off of where you come from? Most MMO games are keeping it international but on Dofus we need to have a seperate French server, it's ridiculous! We have noone to play with and yet we are forced to play on a mobile/tablet with a single character, how do you plan on grouping for dungeons like that? We need to have a merged server like on PC. We have the ability to link items and hereby able to understand eachother through basic communication, why is it such a hard decision to have 1 mega server like on Dofus PC? This is implemented way too late on PC and will be the same if we just ignore the fact that the servers are dying.

I just hope the developers will start listening to their community instead of randomly implementing stuff that they read from 1-10 people that reply on this forum. And again, if Dofus wants to grow internationally, (and I know it consists of mostly french players) it should treat people equally from different regions/countries.

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Ankama intervention 2

Replying to Jahaa

Hi Jahaa,

A server merge is not planned at the moment but we'll share your feedback with the team for discussion. Thank you!


See message in context
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I totally agree with you.

The servers nowadays do feel empty. Most players are spending more time on searching a group or a Kolosseum match than actually playing the game.

Thank you, for writing this well-written thread.

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Well put, and right on the dot ! 

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Couldn't say better, nice writing

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Several factors I wholeheartedly agree about this post. Loss of players, the server seperation keeping other players away, the balance of interaction and cooperation as well. While it may affect other situations such as the control of mob stars and Kama balance in the game,  Taking Dopple money away is bad enough if you don't want new players to get early kamas, that can let it slide. But for new players to come and join the community with no help to even create a piece of equipment is a bit much.  I see no other reason why we shouldn't allow a server merge for cooperative servers that can get well with each other unless Ankama can provide a very good reason why not to.

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I like this post. It brought out the important stuff that most people want to say. I don't think people get to see this often or pull this off. Amazing! :3

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So let's begin saying that this game is designed for phones, and I wonder how to do some difficult things like Kolosseums or some hard dungeons. Seems pretty difficult, there are a lot of bugs/random crashes/lags that make the easiest thing really hard. I understand that it's difficult to fix all those things but this game won't become "Pro" since you can't do serious things. And yes the community is almost all french based. I think that the biggest part of the player is french but there's a 30%+ of international player that can't really feel part of the community. Merging the servers? Yes maybe there are some things too decide, fix some problems but at least you will keep those few players that keep playing togheter, at the moment the economy of Grandapan isn't working. No one is buying stuff, the prices are not dropping, much people are leaving the game, no one is up to do anything (eg asking in commerce/recruitment is totally useless) since this game is an online MMORPG and considering that the community is almost dead it feels like to play in single player. Totally crap

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Hello everyone,

Our media platforms (Discord, Forums, Facebook and Twitter) are open to everyone that wants to use them. Official announcements can always be found on the same platforms. Our communication is for all communities and not just to a specific community. This is also the same treatment for game updates with our different servers.

We are not following the path of DOFUS PC because first of all we are a mobile game, it is a different animal so to speak. Second, the developer tools of DOFUS PC is different and most, if not all, are not applicable to us being a mobile game. We would need to develop new ones, and this takes time. We are just a small team so we prioritize updates depending on our resources. Which leads us to your suggestion of a server merge of Grandapan and Dodge. We can tell you right now that we are not planning a server merge due to technical limitations.

We have been open to everyone about our plans so please do not hesitate to share with us your ideas and suggestions on how to improve them. We listen to them and decide if it can be done and if it will benefit everyone.

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"Our media platforms (Discord, Forums, Facebook and Twitter) are open to everyone that wants to use them." They are open to everyone, yes. They weren't all in English until they changed it. There was no English "suggestions" thread either, while there was one specifically for French, until recently. This is what the thread was referring to.

"Which leads us to your suggestion of a server merge of Grandapan and Dodge." The thread was suggesting a megaserver, merging all existing servers, not just the International ones.

"We are not following the path of DOFUS PC because first of all we are a mobile game, it is a different animal so to speak." We do see resembling features being brought up like Class Change potions while the community has split feelings about them being introduced to Dofus Touch. If it's another game then these features shouldn't be in this game either.


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Current environment is very similar to the dead low population servers in PC dofus. Ankama finally merged dead servers after most of players have been left already. It is too late here. Mobile game is very short life cycle. People can not wait 1 year for new contents. We have nothing to do until that.

OK, this is mobile game different from PC. Can we get end game contents for mobile? Kolo does not work for mobile format. Head hunter in old doufus may work. I know class unbalance on 1 vs 1 pvp. Hoever, we get something to play. lets try if head hunter works.

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I agree with most of the points presented here, and you are on point as to why people dont use the forum much; it doesnt feel like anyone even reads it. If you look back to the forum posts at the very beginning of touch (a little over a year ago), youll see that there was some attempts by players (myself included) to bring the forum to life, but there was not so much as a single staff reply, and this was what was supposed to be the most important time of the game; the launch, where they draw in the most players.
A lot of players in international touch servers are quitting because they have been let down by Ankama making it pretty obvious theyre going to repeat the same mistakes they made in PC, the biggest one of them all being that they fix things too late. Much, much too late. Since this post seems to have revived some interest in the forums, I may make a post myself addressing these issues soon, but if Ankama wants any chance at keeping their games alive, they need to stop focusing on a community that makes up less than 1% of players worldwide (yes, the french), and make an effort on the other 99%, where they have the most potential for new players and growth.

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I was embarassed when the "Cup Oshimo" was brought up in french, sent the files to a friend thinking it was server vs. server competion and had him translate the pages. Then again I'm usually prepared since Dofus many years ago I've learned to keep a translator up. I highly recommend any keyboard plugins that let you highlight to auto translate.

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Another thing that bothers me is that the Dofus: World Series that is currently being held on the PC version is also focusing only on the french audience. I love watching these videos but they are speaking a language that I do not understand. Now, i'm not familiar with the people that are doing the tournament videos but I think that Dofus are partnered with them in some way. This is the thing I meant with involving people from all around the world instead of just your french audience.

EDIT: check this video which is also completely in french

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Accurate af !! thank for the good writing smile

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I think dofus touch has more players thsn dofus pc because actual pc version sucks.
dofus touch is the good 2013 version of dofus without that many wakfu trash they added with the time: like overpowered spells, clases, reforms etc.
Dofus touch is great the way it actually is, please don't make it a bad game as ankama did with the pc version 

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I tought this was a mobile game, but after beeing called monoaccount or other weird names several times Im feeling that Im in the minority. And I understand that they cant block emulators or they would lose a LOT of players. Thats pretty awkward.

Another interesting thing is that you dont face 3 players on Koli, but one with 3 accounts...

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faltops, i understand what u say about "We can tell you right now that we are not planning a server merge due to technical limitations.".

but when people was screaming for a class change potion u said the same line about technical limitations.

so that makes me think...... may be in a close future we can play again with othwer people.

while that days comes, ill be waiting to start playing again.

give me a call when things start being good again 

thank you for reading =)

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I simply can't stand DT.  "Moble" it may be, but it feels wrong. If you are used to playing just about any version of Dofus PC then you know how clumsy and counter-intuitive some of the controls are. It is just not a nice smooth game experience to play, because you have to "switch off" everything you know from Dofus Pc, and re-learn a system of control and interface that simply does not work well enough to "feel good" while you are playing it.
Second, and I'm sorry to have to say this, IT COSTS TOO MUCH. You get started out in the same ridiculous: monkey suit" of armor and that silly newspaper hat. Want something better? Pay for it, and pay a lot, right now. There is no way that you can grind out enough play to buy more advanced weapons with the pathetic amounts of Kamas you collect killing mobs in DT. So you are FORCED into using their separate currency and paying inflated prices for even the most basic equipment.
The lack of certain races in DT has also shot DT in its own foot. I had to settle for running a Cra. I like Cra, but even if he is lvl 22 these days, he still can't fight his way thru more than two or three piwi's at a time. In short, the character is weak, dull pathetic and has no future I really want to be a part of. Why play a "gimped" silly looking Cra on DT when I can log into Dofus PC and travel in a world I know and like, while making money, and kicking butt? I P2P Dofus PC  I do so because the characters I run mean something to me and I enjoy the game. Dofus touch is the antithesis of all of that

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sad to notice that flatops response is almost 20 moths old and lliterally nothing changed.

while reading the OP i thought oh look the current server sstatus!" and then i saw, year 2017.

2 years almost. are you being serious ankama? are you being serious Flatops? you have a small team, we get it. at least i do.

is this an excuse to evasively answer half the questions you receive on discord\forums? also wtf is up with all this information shatteing? botsen/bugsen/emusen and all your bots on discord, and not a SINGLE chance to get honest feedback from you. Mods are volunteer, you say? to me, either mods have their hands tied or they just requested modding powers for their personal amusement. it is shining clear that some bots are used consistently, as it is clear that some players use emulator to log more than 3 characters in pvp (which, as of the latest missive, is STRICTLY forbidden).

yet again, no action taken? how much do mods volunteer for? 2 hours a week? we have only fiora, is he\she supposed to handle the whole dodge server. because currently he\she isn't.

you say you have a small team. i assume you refer to  a small PAID team. then it would be nice to know what is this team working on, exactly. you announced new content during this ascension rotation, 1 month passed and i saw none. better luck next month? i see bug fixes that are crying for help, yet they are ignored month after month. which is ok, but what is the dev team doing?

since yheir work can't be appreciated in the changelog, please announce what they work on beforehand.

still, ankama is mostly french, i expect nothing. "we are french ,we could do good but we do what we want" sums it up so smoothly. cheers, i'll stay free and casual, hope you appreciate my worthless complaint

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It's been a while since I quit this game for the exact reasons mentioned in this thread. Every now and then I revisit the website to see what's new, and I am constantly disappointed with the progress it has made. The game has big potential yet the devs don't seem to know how to properly manage a game like this.

I appreciate the attention his post has received. It shows that people really do care about this game, and want changes. I hope some day (hopefully before it's too late) the devs will realize the direction the game is heading towards, isn't a healthy one. Simply saying "we're not doing that" to requests is not a good way to deal with feedback, whether it's content or class balance. I've made a huge post about the Xelor changes, as one of the more experienced Xelor players out there- but I felt like I wasted so much effort because nothing has been done with those changes.

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Totaly agree with luisbonton, I must say I am geting worried by the state the server Grandapan is in right now. Some people say it isn't even listed for new players - they must choose it manually.

Is Ankama deliberately deaf? They must see the statistics, they must have costs with running empty servers. They must and should as soon as possible do something. Game is unplayable and I am thinking of quiting. Its getting realy depressing realy fast.

Dofus always had the same attitude towards other non French players so I am not even touching that issue, must be a French pride thing or something. However small team or not you should start adressing such issues as soon as possible and stop with other content updates!

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You said that you are not following the path of Dofus Pc, then you take out the resources buyable from the NPC just like on Dofuc Pc, destroying and changing completely the economy on Dofus Touch. The families of monsters are nearly the same, the same are also the new items added. The Kolosseum is totally dead in both servers, the game is full of bots, the cruhing runes achievment is bugged. You are not even planning a simple change that is bring all the professions on a single player, that is a thing so simple and that everyone would like, it's just only frustrating change character every time. Wake up Ankama and start to work properly, you are missing players.

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