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Mimisymbic issues

By coinartist June 21, 2018, 15:14:46

I purchased a three pack awhile back and eagerly consumed a cape that was linked to my account which in turn linked my professor xa cape to my account. Now that ive outgrown the cape im sadly staring at it sitting in my bank and was wondering if there is anyway to undo this mess and sell the cape. There was no way for me to have known that the cape would become linked, i think ive learned my lesson with making purchases in this game.. my main question then is, can i mimisi a non linked cape to the xa cloak so that it can not be linked to acc?

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Edit : If you try to use a Mimisymbic on your Xa's Cape which is already transformed... I am unfortunately obliged to tell you that action will destroy your object. However, you can sell yoru synchronized Mimisymbic after the 3 month delay or unsynchronized your Xa cape and sell it again (this action will destroy the mimisymbic).

See link below :


Sangoten - Grandapan.

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