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Which Original Dofus Class are you Quiz

By LoneAdventurer June 06, 2019, 22:10:09

For a bit of fun and helpfulness in figuring out which class best fits your personality, I've created two fun quizzes for those who're interested in seeing just which class is truly for them or for those who just love the fun in these kind of personality quizzes. I made one quiz which will use your Astrological Natal Chart to get a more precise calculation and I also made a less precise, but moderately accurate quiz for the fun of it. If you don't know your natal chart, that's okay. All you have to do is look up "Natal Chart Calculator" on any search engine. Share your results below and hope you enjoy the quizzes!

Dofus Class Quiz (Precise) -

Dofus Class Quiz (General) -

Edit: Natal Chart Calculator -

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however i got tired of computing my x-sign right after the moon one, so my estimation might be incorrect. idk the final algorithm you use to determine the class based on signs, but if i were you i would do a quick code that given date and time of birth first computes your signs and then tells you the dofus part. 

and holy bananas, both tests say i'm an eni... i guess thats the negative sinthesis of the osa and panda i only played in 10 years :')

edit: found this! an awesome all-sign calc that you can link before your tests

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I got cra with the first quiz (lots of Sagittarius signs I guess - btw didn't even know there were so many :wackosmile and even if I don't play one I usually go for the ranged class in any RPG, so it's fine really!

With the second quiz -I personally liked it more than the other- I got sram (which is one of my favourite classes and also the first one I chose on dofus Pc).

Good job, I'm a Sacrier on Touch! smile

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This is Underworld Yaiwa, the creator of the quizzes (I made this post on an older account). If you enjoyed the quizzes, feel free to post your results along with your thoughts about it. You can also find me lurking around in Grandapan Server if you ever want to share results and say hi. Until then, Bliss.

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