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What does it mean when one alliance controls 100% of the game map?

By RHOrains June 11, 2019, 09:16:08

I keep coming back to Dofus Touch and check if there is more than one alliance with conquest control on the map. As for Dodge, only one alliance controls every region of Dofus (HUE alliance).

I was a player before alliances so I am unfamiliar but to me it seems that is a bad thing? I understand that they probably join one alliance so chatting is easier. This seems like a good thing, but when you realize the cause is because there are too few players, then it seems bad.

So what do you think about one alliance being prominent in the server and others have no presence as far as conquering regions? Help me understand because I come from before alliances were common (think before 2010). Is this good or bad or not really important?

thank you

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Hey Rho,

The dodge server does go through cycles. When I first joined the server an alliance called Blank was in full control and then Bless. This past year and a half, Wreck has dominated and will continue to do so.

I would not say this is simply due to "guild numbers" but mostly because there are a number of medium size alliances and rather than banding together to conquer the territories. They continue in their own alliances at a much smaller scale. 

There are benefits and negatives to having one dominant alliance on every server. So, I thought I will list it out for you.


  • Prisms will have TP modules and you'll be able to access Dopple and Zoth for additional exp.
  • Alliance chat will have the bulk of the server.
  • The best guilds/services will be available in the biggest alliance
  • Due to the sheer dominance, the strongest & best players tend to join the 'elite guilds' which will be part of that alliance.
  • However, your alliance/guild will not be able to PVA but it will be able to hit the best percs on the server.

  • Redundant PVA aspect. Which is a shame that you don't get more of competitive PVA?
  • Forced to join 6/7 guilds out of the many available.
  • No Prisms to teleport around the land
  • No access to Zoth, Imps and Dopple.

In conclusion, its completely up to you what you side with, I would always suggest having a community over territory dominance. 
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thanks a lot rimmy-tin. it is good that the recruitment chat now covers the entire world, I think this was a smart move by Amakna to help newer players that can not possibly expect to join the dominating alliance



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Could you still place a prism in a territory that isn't yours? 

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You can't place a prism but you can place percs in non alliance territory.

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