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Aermyne Set Bonus change

By heavydamage June 19, 2019, 09:49:32

After last update Aermyne set is not usable for pvp.. I don't even say about AP bonus but earlier it gives 20ch res, now you changed bonus to - 50ch res so its = - 70 Ch res in total. Whats the point to have high resistances when ur Ch res is on BIG minus? 80% of pvp population use treadfast set... You totally ruined my whole set. Costed me a lot to overmage 4% resistance overmages and i also used mimisybic on whole set.

You add new OP int items (2mp,1ap combo from set 3 items FFS), 2x weapons with 1/20 Ch base and you nerf old set which use only few person on server.. I wait for ur answer. If u dont change it back i leave dofus touch for good.. I played on PC since 2012 and leaved it because of milion bad changes.

Dont do it to me.. Again.

Armoured / Taktical

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i have the same problem... i had to farm a lot to create the set and suddenly they have changed it, there is rly like 1% population that is using this set i dont get the point why they had to nerv it. It was never good for pvm and its was kinda good for pvp but now its useless to build to either u wont be able to sell those items, i waisted so many runes to mage it perfectly now i can "crush" it no one is going to buy it, thats kinda sad, i waisted so much kamas on it and the exos with this set combi are worthless too
i invested a lot of hours to create the set and to mage it, i have lost so much kamas how is that fair to the players???????

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