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By luqera October 02, 2019, 15:50:06

Im trying to start making dofuses, but for now dofus touch is in 1.43 patch and all the guides is for pc version.
Anyone can explain how to make crimson dofus becouse there is no deep crimson achievment for these version.

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It is a drop from a Minotot or Minotoror.

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How about emerald?

Thank you so much

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Crimson is a drop from Minotoror, Turquoise is a drop from Dragon Pig and Soft Oak, Emerald is a drop from Dark Vlad and Dark Vlad Dopple and Ochre is a reward from Eternal Harvest quest. The other two Primordial Dofuses don't exist in Touch but there are a few others that can be useful depending on your build.

Ice Dofus is reward from finishing the Frigost questline, Dolmanax is a reward for collecting 365 Calendar Pages in the Almanax, Vulbis is a drop from Crocabulia, Kaliptus is rewarded at the end of Skeunk's Hidweout and Cawwot is awarded from completing the Wabbit questline. There is also Dofushu, which is exhanged for 1000 Dofushu Shards obtainable from Ascension Island.

That should be pretty much all the important ones on Touch and they honestly don't differ too much from the PC ones. Whenever you're looking up information about Touch on sites with more information about the PC version (wikia etc.) you can always look up an older version of the page, using the history function of wikia for example, and going for around 2014 versions of the information.

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