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4-6 Man Team

By Appleburger November 28, 2019, 16:22:16

Hi everyone,

I currently have a level 170 sacrier and would be willing to build a 4 man or 6 man team to do Pvm, what do you guys suggest would be the best teams? I’d probably want an enu as well for drops. Thanks!

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what element your sacrier is?
The most important thing is have the main roles covered. 
sacrier (i suppose agi\something) as a tank\manipulator
enu(cha) for mp control, support, some nice soustain w bag,summon,DROP
iop (str)for damange 
eni(int)for heals and ap. you can consider osa too if you like it but i haven't got a good knowledge of it

if you want add other 2 char
you can consider cra (str or int\agi but i prefer str afther the explosive arrow nerf) for damange, buff, some mp conrol, pushback... he is very good paired w enu
and panda (choose your favourite path, i like cha) for more map manipulation and resistance debuff. that important if both of your main dps are str.

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Well sacrier never been good for pvm 
you can consider iop str/int or str eni int pandachance sram/agi

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