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Nerf Feca's Shield

By LHeitchG December 04, 2019, 19:31:20

Good afternoon!!

I wanted to know the need there was to nerfear the spell characteristic of the Feca, Feca's Shield. I can come to understand that the effect of the spell has been modified to be similar to dofus 2, but it is not so, since it is a nerpheus that the spell does not meet its description today:

This shield reduces the damage received from all elements

That description is wrong, what he does is not lose incurable with him and therefore the damages received increase.

The truth is that I am very disappointed, it is the only thing that has disgusted me about the update. 

I hope they solve it

A greeting!

Pd: If I am wrong about my observations in this writing, let me know. biggrin

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They also nerfed backlash steal from 100 to 60 and on crit from 130 to 70
and they nerfed blindness damage

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de hecho el hechizo no funciona bien, si lo pruebas no reduce nada de daños, osea esta bug desde la actualizacion y hicieron un reinicio para arreglar bugs y no solucionaron esto.

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