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Ecaflip's Luck Bug Identification

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - February 13, 2020, 14:00:18

Hello, everyone!

Many of you have reported a problem with the Ecaflip's Luck spell where the damage reduction does not seem to function properly every time.

In order to fix the problem, our developers need a precise reproduction of the situation in which the issue occurs. Unfortunately, our testers have not yet been able recreate these conditions despite reproducing the various situations you've described (especially in PvP) exactly as described. We have notably studied the replays of tournaments from recent weeks, in vain.

We would appreciate your help finding THE situation that would explain what triggers the problem. If you have any ideas, please share them in the comments below.

The player(s) who help us faithfully reproduce the issue will receive the title "Always on the Edge".

Quick reminder about how the spell works: Ecaflip's Luck only takes into account direct damage. Indirect damage is not supposed to be reduced.

Thank you in advance for your help!
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Hello devs

Im an Ecaflip player, and I can also relate to this bug.

I am more orientated thowards PvM, and it seems that about 60% of the time, the effects of Ecaflip's Luck does not applie.
aIts really apparent, since when a certain mob does about 200 direct damage to me without effects, it does the exact same average damages with Ecaflip's Luck effect applied on me (and without any effects that boosts damage output on the mob in question)

Unfortunately, I dont have much experience using Ecaflip's Luck in PvP, so I cant tell if this bug applies there.

So for my personnal experience, the bug applies mainly against mobs. However maybe it can also apply against players. I might test it out soon and update it here.

EDIT : Alright I tested some stuff to help investigate to the core problem of the bug in question. Heres my Results :

I went against a single lvl 40 Gobbal. He seems to average 50 dmg per attack on me without any boosts. When Ecaflips Luck (E-L) is applied, it reduced the damage to about 25, and on second turn rises it to 75 ish. Everything here is right.

Same thing goes for the Naughty Boy from daily Amakna Village Captain Amakna quest. He does about 100 dmg per attack with his axe throw. E-L first turn : 50 ish damage. Next turn 150 ish. Went as normal.

However at Kerubs Crib quest, I saw some problems against Shady Xelors. They do 225 dmg per attacks without boosts. When E-L is applied, they did 210 ish dmg per attacks to me in first turn, and then second turn 225 ish average. So it basically did absolutely no effects.

Same goes for Dooples.

Im yet to test it against actual players, but for now I suspect that the problem applies only against Classes spells, as Shady Xelors and Dooples uses class spells as the problem occured, while Gobbals and Naughty Boy works fine.
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Hello Devs,

To piggy back off of jeremyki81539 findings, and add some of my own findings, here is what I've come up with.

jeremyki81539 suspected the problem applies only against Classes spells and so I put this theory to the test. Below are my findings.

With a level 12 eca I tested a level 1 E-L on the class temple Sram. Damages from deviousness with E-L averaged 20 ish. Next turn with E-L damages average 65 ish. Without E-L buff the average damage was 45 ish.

I than quit the match so I could re-test the next hypothesis which was is the spell level based?

The test was repeated with the same parameters however a level 2 E-L. Results were exactly as level 1 E-L.

Tests level 3, 4, and 5 of E-L concluded with the same results. 

I than hopped onto my level 200 eca to test the level 6 spell E-L. With E-L buff on the spell Lethal attack from the Sram dopple hit about 280 damage. The next turn of E-L the dopple hit about 280 damage. Without E-L the dopple still hit 280 damage.

My next question is "does a level 101 eca with level 6 E-L have the same bug?"

P.S. Testing on my level 200 Eca with level 1-6 E-L yielded the same bug.

Your Friend,
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Se que no es el medio, pero llevo poco tiempo jugando Dofus Touch, tengo un zurcarak, alguno puede compartir una guia para un zurcarak de fuerza, me gustaria saber a que hechizos subirle actualmente.
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It happened in pvm, vs osa dopeul, when i used Ecaflip's Luck, i received 50% more dmg instead of 50% less dmg.
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