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Why is there maintenance every 3 days

By Muufahsah#3084 March 31, 2020, 08:00:40

Why do they do a maintenance every few days when before it was weekly

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Tonights (today? Idk where you live) is the regular scheduled maintenance. It’s always the same day of the week, at the same time. As for the last few, Ankama has to fix diddlydoo from time to time and that requires extra maintenance off schedule. My guess is they are trying many different things to attempt to cripple the recent explosion of bots, but who knows? Just be happy this means they are actually actively working on the game (unlike Wakfu lol).

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You've got to take into account the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 has affected many people and businesses and Ankama isnt any different. Sure the servers have been undegoing maintenance more than usual recently, but we also received a pretty decent update not too long ago for Touch which i'm sure some would agree needs some fixes applying to small things. But nevertheless you are correct about the explosion of bots recently hitting the game, and i'm afraid to say there is only so much Ankama can do about it for the time being. But the game isnt going anywhere any time soon, try to be patient with it being made better for everyone smile

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