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Perc attacks

By ymeanwhile December 11, 2020, 16:59:03

I don't think it's fair on new players trying to gain resources from perceptors placed in low level areas by level 200 who multilog on a mobile game.
I'm amazed how there is no restrictions against this and the same with alliance prisms how can one alliance own all areas, you're not even giving other players a chance by doing this.
The guild and alliance search on dodge server never updates and doesn't show new guilds or alliances, only level 200 guilds.. Like anyone has a chance of joining those guilds when they start up.
You even have moderators who ban players without the option of muting them it's all and unprofessional and very selfish towards new players/customers.
If you'd like more feedback, then please keep doing what your doing, I came here because I like dofus and nothing more.

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