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Tacturrent Ai at Evol 3

By akosiZion#3057 November 27, 2021, 23:15:58

I have been using Foggernaut ever since i started playing this game since i find this class the most flexible and solo friendly character ever, but of all the turrents that the foggernaut has i find Tacturrent at a pretty weird spot.

Firstly the two other turrents not mentioned are pretty straight forward , the other deals dmg and the other heals and it does its job.

But Tacturent is just weird, first of all i have done my testing on dojo, at evol 3 tacturrent swaps anyone who has periscope state. Everything is all right up until the tact turrent is faced with two characters with periscope state.

I did my test on dojo with an enemy and an ally, to see which one it will prioritize but no matter how many tries the results seemed random.

Does it swap the character at the order it received the perisope state ? It doesnt seem like it since there are times i tried to swap my tact turrent with my harpooner and then swap with the enemy and it only worked perfectly once.

I believe this turrent has the a potential specially on dungeons/Kolo if used properly

Can someone( Or a dev) explain how the Ai Works ?
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll share it with the team.

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I've been playing Fogger since I started playing and I'm honestly not sure there is a logic – I think it's just up to the RNG gods.

A few patterns it does seem to have is that, at the start of its turn, if it can push/pull anyone within range from its starting position it will do that first then swap. The buildings like to do as many actions as they can take so if the Tactturret can affect something from where it starts with a push/pull it will. Then in its new position after the swap it will push/pull again if it can. Buildings, as a whole, seem to prioritize players/mobs over summons so it will probably swap with summons last if given the option.

Otherwise the safest bet is to only target one thing to swap at a time.
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This is true, but wouldn’t it be better if the turrent follows the swap order based on the order the caster casted the spell on hence it can be used more for tactics as it is intended to? It just seems more reasonable for me tbh.
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll share it with the team.

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