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Bulbi creatures

By Ornery91#3819 January 05, 2022, 06:46:00

Are these bulbi creatures supposed to be so over powered? I can't kill them and I'm losing 630 energy points every fight with them.. it doesn't matter what tactic I use. Every turn they take 150 HP from me. My grandfather also plays he is a farmer, I know he is having the same issue with the creatures that attack you while farming wheat for example. TIA 

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I summoned a beacon as a Cra, and the protector kills it while I gained back all my health, I don't know what class you are playing but good luck and do it fast, it might be a fast-timed system that just drains your health instead of the game mechanic of turn-based 30 seconds to make your move thing. 

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Doesn't seem to matter now lvl 82.. still dying and now they have 5 movement points?! I'm not a bot! This is getting ridiculous! 

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Salut les gars j, ai le même problèmes avec les métiers ressources je suis sacri lvl 71 pareil je galère et meurt a chaque fois sleep" celui qui a une méthode pour les vaincre ou sinon ankama merci de rééquilibrer la chose parce que ca va plus la.... je me remets en question !

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