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Resource Protectors are the worst

By IrideEllipe#9539 March 07, 2022, 11:17:22
I have died too many times from these resource protectors while trying to harvest wheat and I am almost out of energy just from getting attacked, I just wanted to get some kamas from selling wheat bread to buy new gear, I have had enough of this, surely there must be a better way to stop the bots because the real players are the ones getting affected
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Their difficulty is absurd. The level 200 ones do over 700 damage per turn at an infinite range, and since they have 8MP you usually cannot even begin to damage them before they've eroded most of your HP. It doesn't matter that they 'fully heal you' every few turns, because the enormous 40% erosion basically voids that maximum HP. Any character without significant range or movement abilities is at a severe disadvantage. The only practical way to even have a chance is to have gear that is extremely good for your character's level.

At this time, despite having nearly all professions at level 100 across my characters, I have to give up on collecting my own materials. I literally cannot kill these protectors in nearly all instances.
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Same problem, chars that have high damage and moviment/range  can kill the protectors with some preparation. But characters with low damage or movement just cant get even near before they are killed or their hp is fully eroded away.

Im not collecting anymore, but the prices of some recources are gettin higher by the day. Bots still running around, since being killed is not a problem when u are running 20 instances on different maps. 
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I agree. They are way too difficult, and now I can't enjoy one of my favorite parts of the game. In the past, I have really enjoyed resourcing and crafting, strange as it may sound. After the hecticness of running some dungeons, its a nice change of pace to go run some resource routes for an hour or 2, and now I just can't.

Even if I could somehow figure out how to get my energy back cheaply without staying logged out for a few days in an inn, the process of dying, healing, and going back to resourcing literally every few gathers (thats how often they appear for me after they start appearing) is just too slow, draining, and frustrating.

I have no idea if they are effective in bot prevention, but its kind of pointless if most legitimate players can no longer collect. It's especially killer on new players (I'm relatively new to dofus-touch, returning from pc dofus), who can't afford to be eating bread and drinking raide boole all the time or the equipment to win.

Basically, resource protectors have made "earning your first few kamas" pretty impossible for new adventurers.

Please remedy this immediately, its a bigger deal than beta or 1.55.
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