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Ghoul Sword, Chance Cras Removal

By Naviseca7722#9087 March 18, 2022, 03:27:50
2 things I want to discuss:

Ghoul Sword:

The stats in this sword does not make sense to me. Why is there:
- restrictions with AP<12 but has a base MP stats
- restrictions to not allowing critical hit damage but has critical base stats
- have a double requirement of Agi and Str when Sacrifical daggers do not and are just completely better to the point EVERY AGILITY USER WEARS THEM INSTEAD OF FOR EXAMPLE BUBOTRON SWORD
This weapon is very flawed to the point it is a missed opportunity where it can be viable.

Chance Cra Path Removal:

This in my opinion along with a few other that I know is the most unfair change to a class I have ever seen. Implementing a “beacon system for Cras to be direct actors in combat” does not explain why an elemental path needed to be removed in the first place. In fact, the Sacrier Devblog provided an explanation as to why an elemental path for it’s class (Intelligence) had to be removed while the Cra Devblog DID NOT!  

Why remove a path just to make players pay for a class change potion or make them level an entirely different class that has a Chance path? This makes absolutely NO SENSE and I want an explanation of this rather than nothing.

It has been more than 6 months these changes and updates have happened and I definitely do not want such changes to happen with the next 2 classes aka Eca and Xelor. Especially with the Cra class, please definitely reconsider recovering the Chance Path. Other weapons should also have more usage instead of multihit Sacrificial and Shihan Daggers as the main meta.

In the future, I would like these topics to be implemented in your team’s discussion and provide explanations to the community. Thanks. smile

Level 200 Osa, Grandapan

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