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Contest: Draw Your Legendary Weapon!

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Touch - ANKAMA - June 24, 2022, 15:00:00
Hello everyone,

Post your entry here! If you are unsure how to post an image, you can check this guide.



You can take inspiration from any type of weapon available in the game: bows, wands, staffs, daggers, swords, scythes, axes, hammers, shovels… All that matters is that you come up with an original creation!

(In other words, don't bother copying the existing Legendary Weapons…)


Choose your weapon! Or rather… choose your preferred drawing tool and submit your artwork representing the legendary weapon of your dreams as a comment to this thread until Monday, July 4 at 11:59 a.m. (Paris time). Any artwork submitted after the deadline will be disqualified from the contest. 

The winners will be selected by a jury of Ankamian experts based on purely aesthetic criteria (and emotional criteria too – after all, just because they're on the jury doesn't mean they don't have a heart like everyone else).

The first-place winner will receive:

  • 5,000 goultines
  • 1 Catalyst (Allows you to change the element and/or effect of a legendary weapon. This is now available in the shop.)
  • A "Paint" emote

 The second and third place winners will each receive:

  • A "Paint" emote

So there you have it! Ready… Set… Draw!

​​​​​​​You've got until Monday, July 4 at 11:59 a.m. (Paris time) to share the legendary weapon of your dreams with us for a chance to win cool prizes!
First Ankama intervention
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your entries! We will announce the contest winner here.
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Score : 30
Legendary Axe - Searing Flametongue

Ebony wood handle with vines of the Dark Treechnid. The feathers are Black Tofu Feathers. The head of the Axe was crafted from Obsidian and the spear tip on the bottom from Bauxite, giving the weapon a black and red coloration.
The head of the Axe is crackling with energy, the Obsidian and Bauxite have runes imbued in them, the result of this is that when swinging, the Axe becomes extremely hot, doing massive amounts of Fire damage.
I tried to take inspiration from in-game materials to make this drawing come to life. I hope you like it smile
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Score : 46
my entry is a ubersword gl to all
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Estaba en clase haciendo mi tarea y al terminarla me meto al dofus y veo este concurso asi que empeze a improvisar saque mis plumones,lapices,lapices de pasta y solo tenia algo que haria si o si usar mis colores favoritos el rojo y amarillo y quedo esto :3!Atxbw1GEmsPphl-pFp0SXrGvwUTD

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Score : 142

Jikan, Legendary daggers
Legendary weapon dropped from Waterclock tower's mobs.
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Score : 1
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Score : 172

Jiva's Blessed Bow - Legendary Bow obtained by completing every Bonta Allignment quest and Rank 10 Bontarian Wings

Good luck to everyone taking part in the event!
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Score : 1
Intrepid Bow 
     Use this bow with pride, adventurer, for it is the purest proof that you have survived this far. The symbol of your first amulet is on this bow. Can you remember him?  
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Score : 2
dagas del magestuoso ragus yar
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Score : 31
Here's my submission :

Weapon Image :
Weapon Description :
Weapon Recipe View :

[Sylvian Spade] - Legendary Weapon, category Shovel

Item Description :
Made from the remains of the Soft Oak by a legendary Enutrof during his time wandering across the World of Twelve. It is said to contain a part of the immense power of the dungeon keeper and can help the growth of the one who wields it greatly.

Character Name : Stress-Monster
Class : Sacrier
Server : Dodge

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Score : 59

Rajanaga Dagger
Category : Legendary Dagger
Absolute powerful peak of a dagger made from King of Dragons body parts. Only worthy warrior able to wield and unlock the true power of this legendary dagger. The eyes of dragon contain the most mythical magic, it can summon various elemental and destructive damage to enemy. The dragon's claw helps wielder grip and accuracy while the blade of dagger itself are forged from the cosmic star materials giving it the strongest yet lightest metal ever exist in the whole world.

Name: Victory-Belle
Class: Iop
Server: Dodge

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Score : 2
la mejor hacha para los guerreros
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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your entries! We will announce the contest winner here.