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Characteristic points int cra

By DAB69#2150 December 24, 2016, 12:11:28

Hey guys just need a little advice on my int cra
at the moment i have 150 int and it now costs 3 points per 1 int point and i was just wondering which is the best way to go weather i keep pumpin my int or try putting them into vit or wisdom? Fairly new to the game so im not to sure which way to go at the moment
im level 54 and am wearing a full gob set and saving for fire kwak set minus the amulet which ill substitute for a kam amulet  so i can use magic and burning arrow twice.

im fairly sure im going to right way in regards to sets and spells just confused about which way i should go with characteric points

pretty sure im on dodge server if that is needed cheers guys

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Ohhh! I also started a new guild if anyone is interested in joining mainly for getting groups together for dungeon run achievements xping and crafting and a bit of banter ofcourse ^^ but im struggling to find some high level proffesions in my guild they all seem to have a guild already 

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As a rule of thumb, I always pump the main stats until its 4:1, then I eaither pump wis or vit.

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On my Cra i went till 250 int. The rest is set in HP.

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Alright no worries guys thanks fornthe help smile

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Recomendo fazer cra de sabedoria até lvl 178 que ai ja da para colocar um set tengu, tenho um cra 163 e ele ja da uma boa quantidade de dano apenas com o set de batalha. e quando for convertar pode estar scrolando sabedoria para reduzir pa com a flecha gelo e tambem scrolar agi que da para combar legal. Atualmente uso set carvalho mole sou full sabi mais o set me da uma estrutura boa de int e sab.

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Hi DAB69, this is a veteran cra player and all around dofus playing guy. The cra can work in multi-elemental and so choosing to go intel cra serves a great job for aoe damage, and therefor spending characteristic points is important. Choosing how many points to spend as a new character sets you up for middle and eventually late game, so spending points wisely in the early levels is a smart call. First off, i'd recommend putting points into intel up to the 1:1 ratio; that's one hundred characteristic points for one hundred intel. Feel it out. Does the damage feel right for the monsters your fighting? Maybe try spending points into vit, or even wisdom, because leveling up fast to 11X will indirectly increase the effectiveness of your intel. 
Your friend, 

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Did you just respond to a thread posted on the end of 2016? I think the guy has either find out what to do with his characteristic points or quitted!

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Just took my computer 2 and a half years to upload via dial up. 

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