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Need help to build my cra

By yoshidzin#9621 September 21, 2016, 13:37:19

cra it's god?
where i use my points?sad

Cra lvl 37- Damage in turn: maybe 90~100

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cra is one of few clasess which can be build on any element, so 1st choose do you want to be a single or multi elemental and when you choose your main elelment put all stats points into it.
(dont boost Chance stat cause it have really bad ratio)

If it's your first character I would recommend Int/Str
High AoE dmg from Int spells and High single target dmg from Str

or Agi/Str build
VERY high single target dmg and survibality

For Advanced players Int/Cha or 3 element Int/Str/Agi  or Str/Cha/Agi

+ there is 5 spells for higher levels which you need no matter which element you choose
Lashing arrow/ Retreat Arrow/ Distance Shooting/Powerfull Shooting /Bow Skill

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omg thank you for posting a reply to this question cause i had the exact same question.  Anyway i would like to know lets say i go with int/str/agi so i can do aoe dmg and int spells and agi for survibality do i have to put equal amount of points as im leveling it up cause this is where i get lost in how much points do i give to each one. thank you

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I'd focus on a single element or maybe do 2 but omni element is expensive as you need to scroll all stats to 101 sad

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Yes, but what about spells?

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