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Help in choosing a class

By September 20, 2018, 02:31:10

Hello guys, after a long time I will return to play dofus, now in the touch version, but I'm having trouble in choosing a class, so I want u to share some thoughts with me about some classes.

First a little question, back in the time when I played, PvP was really good, now after all those years, is still good to focus on PvP?

And then, what I really want to know, I wanna a class that does a really good dmg, being someway strategical, and can do good playing alone, but also be good for dungeons and stuff.

I was thinking more about Cra, Eca and Xelor, but I accept more suggestions that fits in what I want, and also, if u can talk about foggernaut, rogue and masqueraide, these classes doesn't exist when I played.


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Cra and Eca are very played and can do amazing damage. Xelor unfortunately is a lot less played but I would say still holds their own just somewhat unknown by most the community. I say by your requirements of a class then either cra or eca would fit perfrctly. Xelor I feel is weaker in solo play but loads of fun. As for the others. Fogger is kinda a wild card and they do decent support. Rogue does an insane amount of damage when played right but hard to master I feel. And masq is good but can be outdone by other classes in the roles it would fill. If I was to pick, I'd go eca from personal experience. All are good classes when built right though. 

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