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Excesive Chance/Agility Soft Caps in cra/ocra race, we have a problem.

By maestrodespadas#8826 July 03, 2019, 10:52:39

I don't know if the topic is well placed here but here we go.

We use the characteristic points that we won at each level to up our characteristics/attributes/statistics in game but the cra/ocra race needs spend a lot of points to get some of stats, i don't understand how this happens if the cra/ocra is one of the basic races specially for beginners or new players, besides, the cra/ocra use all the elements so i think this situation is very harmful. This situation will be understandable if the cra/ocra didn't have skills that do damage with chance/water attribute because would be useless or not recomended up chance/water atribute so that would explain the excesive requirement of points of characterstic to up chance/water. I think that is wrong because orces us to decide for the attribute with better soft cap basically. 

Currently the soft caps in cra/ocra are these:





So with this post i wish you can improve the current soft caps because the cost is really excesive, also i thing the agility soft cap is wrong because the agility skills have the worst damage if we compare them with the damage of others elements or if we compare the soft caps of other races, so we need a solution.
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There's not a big difference by the end of the game; 300 intelligence versus 200 chance. That's assuming you're going for a full damage build.
As I hope you've noticed, the softcaps reflect the  base damage on each spell. example) 30-32 base damage (40-42 critical hit) on Slow Down Arrow compared to Explosive Arrows 27-31 (35-39).
With only taking into account characteristics, Explosive Arrow will hit 108-124 (140-156) and Slow Down Arrow will hit 90-96 (120-126). Almost identical numbers.
Now all that's left is your choice; Do you want to reduce the damage you take by removing ap in an area of effect (AoE) or do damage to more enemies in an AoE of 3? 

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I disagree with you because dofus it's not just about the end of game, you compared Explosive Arrow with Slow Down Arrow at lv 200 being that Explosive Arrow can be used twice at all levels while Slow Down Arrow can be used once until improve the skill to level 6, Slow Down Arrow is limited to cast in a straight line only (if you use cra's race belt can disable that, but you lose belt stats, in this case you will have less chance adding the soft caps), even if you compared them at level 200 Slow Down Arrow have an AoE of 13 boxes, while Explosive Arrow have an AoE of 25 boxes, besides, i think 100 of any element is extremely relevant, i could agree with you if the difference was 20 of the element but 100 is literally a full scroll.

Finally, if you compare the amount of character points needed to have 100 of any element it stays like this:

Chance: 300 points
Intelligence: 150 points
Strength: 150 points
Agility: 150 points

If we take the number of points to levels we have a difference of 30 levels to "compensate" according to you the base damage while the main skill of chance need 7 turns to cause considerable damage, adding all the limitations of Slow Down Arrow and adding the cooldown of Bat's Eye.

This is why i think the chance cra's need a improve in their softcaps.

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Hi maestrodespadas, 
The cra is unique in that it can go many different paths - chance being special in that it can reduce mp (with paralyzing arrow) and ap (slow-down arrow), however the soft caps on chance is limited, where as agility requires the same amount of characteristic points as strength or intel. I think HiFiverMyLiger addressed the chance cap accurately. 

To increase the soft caps would take off the limiting factor that is applied to iops as well, who are melee damage dealers much like a cra (damage, specifically range). To be fair to a cra as well as an agility iop the cap would need to be increased as well. We want to be fair to other classes as well. 

An end game build - regardless of elemental path is not greatly affected by characteristics considering the many different ways to "get characteristic points". For example a pure chance cra fully geared with trophies, and overmages sits at 1000 chance. Putting characteristic points into chance you can run a 1020 chance cra - or in the sinario the soft cap is increased (50 chance) 1050, the damage is increased by 30%. On a fully charge atonement arrow (2 charges) running a base of 119-121 and 30% would work out to 35 extra damage. The soft caps increase would only give a slight buff to the cra class. 

Your friend,

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