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Level 165 multi. Ideas for items.

By ahsrgfbuwefha#1381 March 26, 2020, 11:29:52
Hey, I'm a level 165 cra, trying out the Class set. All spells are great. I'm almost fully scrolled in all characteristics to 100 and put points to each one till it got to 1 point for 2... So have about 300 characteristics for each and a about 200%power and 50 dmg... Am currently full wisdom so I can ap/mp reduce. I currently have no good trophies and don't know which ones to get, any ideas? same goes for ring (currently Soft Oak Ring because it was cheapest), Weapon (currently dreggon daggers for AP)  ... If you have any suggestions for items and optimization I would gladly appreciate some comments.
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Hi ahsrgfbuwefha,

Your friend onefifty here. Your choice of 1:1 in each element is a good decision for multielemental cra. The characteristics into wisdom allows for leveling faster as well as mp/ap reduction. Trophy possibilities that improve all characteristics may include powerhouse and dynamo at the expense of crit hits. Dofus' are your best in slot option for multielemental cra. For example, crimson, turquoise, ice, orchre and dolmonax. I'd recommend a notwithstand ring as an affordable alternative to soft oak ring becuase of the 200 vit and 50% power, the added 40 wisdom is nice.

Your friend,
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