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180 int build

By Kjell3#6101 June 27, 2022, 14:41:46

Hey guys!

I am soon getting to 180 with my cra, what sets shall i get? Im pure pvm so int is the way to go, i have also a str iop i play along side.

Is snowfoux 3-piece good? But then what?

the set i have now is;

Hat: Soft oak
Cloak: Soft oak 
Weapon: God Rod +1ap
Shield: incarnam shield
Mount : 100 vit, 60 int, 40 prosp
Boots: soft oak
Ring: soft oak
Ring: Gelano +1ap
Amulet: Soft oak

15 agi
30 agi
30 int
50 int, -100 vit
60 int

I have 10/4 and 820 int with 2100hp

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