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Help with Build Strength and Luck.

By Philippebr#1429 June 15, 2020, 14:32:01
Hi guys, I noticed that there is little information about the build, strength and luck.
I came to share with you my experience, it is worth remembering that until now I am totally strong, being after level 114 in being bi-elemental with luck.
So far I have used the following abilities / skills:

Head or Crown = lvl5
Cat jump = lvl 5
Roulette = lvl 5
Wheel of Fortune = lvl 5
Summoning claw = lvl 5
Feline spirit = lvl 5
Smell = lvl 3
Playful Claw = lvl 5

Vitality 41 (+572)
Wisdom 0 (+140)
Strength 234 (+210)
Intelligence 0 (+22)
Luck 2 (+27),
Agility 0 (0)
Initiative 495 (+133)
PA 6 (+3), PM 3 (+1)

At this moment I feel a certain tranquility with PVM and even a good resourcefulness in PVP, however the great doubt and in the skills that I must improve, at the moment I have 17 skill points, I am saved 10 to put the Ecaflip Destination to lvl 5.

I see many ecaflips of agility, but I am sure that Strength and Luck can be balanced for a better use in PVM and PVP.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Equipment lvl 100+?
I already have the ancestral set, but after that I don't know what to equip.
Does anyone find it advantageous to use Rekop? so far I haven't seen any absurd or significant damage to using it.

Good game to all and may Ecaflip always bless your luck.
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