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Useless spell

By PrinceZuko#3754 June 12, 2022, 19:00:44
The Ecaflip spell (Eca luck) was good With The heals, now u Guys change The spell in Crit boost, why would u do that it maken no sence eca already can boost his own crit with the Aerth spell and everyone is using a Turq(crit DOFUS) egg so What is The point of changing Eca luck spell into crit boost it makes no sence at all, i really do hope u Guys can change eca luck spell back to heals, or something usefull because everyone can get easy 1/2 crit with spells, nobody even gonna use eca luck spell crit boost is useless its a waste of spell how it is now,
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i think Ecaflip is a good replaceable healer. 'cause sounds like Ankama just wants Eni as the REAL healer of the game removing the healer spells from ecaflip. also heads or tails should heal the same using on yourself... 
the game should encourage other options of healing. no just eni eni eni eni
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I agree The heal spell eca luck was a verry good spell to play as a support aswel instead of always playing with a eni as healer, now they changed The eca luck heal spell into a critical increasing for 1 turn like who is gonna use that spell litterly nobody everyone is already 1/2 without a crit boost spell so The spell is useless now and nobody Will gonna use that spell anymore
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