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Why I love being an Enutrof

By Disgustus#5831 April 10, 2017, 01:34:47
I just had the kind of video-game night I'm going to be talking about (at least to myself in my head) for a while: on the game Dofus-Touch two other players and myself entered Koolich's cavern, fought through four rooms of monsters, confronted Koolich himself, and survived to tell the story. 

Who's Koolich? He's a, uh... Rastafarian stone giant who rolls deep with a herd of sheep-looking cave monsters. Now, the sheep-monsters are tough enough on their own already, but Koolich can puff on his peace pipe, temporarily put them into reefer madness, and they become a much bigger problem. Not to mention that Koolich can summon more of these sheep-monsters, all of which not only have a vicious bite, but spit sticky mucus that kills your ability to move and even to fight or cast spells.

And did I mention Koolich himself? He's no slouch. Not a _lot_ of hit-points, but he's very resistant to damage. Plus, if you stand linear to him (directly in front, behind, left, or right) he can reach out and grab you from half-away across the cave and get you stoned off his peace pipe so you can't do anything on your next turn except get clobbered. And he can insta-kill any monsters that you summon to fight him. Yeah, he's a bit of a pain.

My team consisted of an archer, a swordsman, and myself. Who am I? A treasure-hunter. Jack of all trades, if you will, who specializes in dirty tricks and disabling enemies' ability to move all while protecting and buffing my allies.

Our team was pretty well assembled - a close combat swordsman, a long-distance archer, and myself to fill in the missing gaps of healer and mage - but we were only three players attempting not-an-easy dungeon for our levels. Ideally, we should have had a fourth fighter - perhaps another close-combat fighter? - but we couldn't find anybody to join us so we risked it on our own.

The first four rooms were unremarkable - standard mini-boss fare. As for the boss fight, we positioned ourselves as best we could, but Koolich split our team on the first turn. Our strategy was to kill the boss first and deal with his minions second, but this meant dodging the sheep-monsters.

Our archer died early in the fight - he got trapped and eaten alive - but he did allow the swordsman and I to flank Koolich from diagonal angles. The dirty fighter that I am, I littered the battle-field with foot-traps and denied the enemy team the ability to get close enough to attack us or to approach Koolich and get a hit of reefer.

While the swordsman dealt the bulk of the damage, I ran interference against Koolich and his team. I disenchanted spells cast by Koolich, temporarily bribed enemy monsters with fool's gold to make them stop fighting, played the role of medic and healed myself and the swordsman, put some speed in our feet for extra movement points to get best positioning, invoked fortune and inspired greed for wicked power, summon an enchanted chest to occupy the enemy team and block their lines of sight, and reduce enemy resistance to the very tricks I use to dominate the battlefield.

There were a few very tight moments in the battle, but thanks to the swordsman's  strength and my strategic cunning, we were able to prevent the enemy team from getting in formation but in the end we showed stoner Koolich and his reefer mob who's in charge.

This fight wasn't an easy challenge. We were a three-player team that should have had a fourth member to make it an even fight, and this dungeon wasn't something that even a three-player team at our combined level could just power through. Tanking against Koolich and slugging it out would have left us all dead very quickly. Without my ability to reduce the enemy team's movement points, play the additonal roles of healer, summoner, and buffer, we'd have been more bones on the floor of Koolich's cavern.

And mind you, I was playing full-wisdom, tri-element to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.

This kind of dungeon is the reason why I enjoy playing Dofus, and this kind of fight is the reason why I play Enutrof.
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Such a cool story! 
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I feel like I just watched an intense short movie! Are you a book writer? Producer?  How can I get in touch with you need to talk to you.
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