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Critique my experimental Enutrof build

By Disgustus#5831 November 30, 2017, 17:55:32
Hey, folks; I'm experimenting with a wis/omni Enutrof built especially for MP reduction. This isn't the set I'm wearing right now, but it's the one I'd like to be wearing very soon, and you can see it here: What do you think?

I already have all the trophies, the kralomansion, and the mount. The rest is hopefully coming very soon.

The idea around this is maximum efficiency of action points. Therefore, attacks have been chosen not only for their damage plus additional effect, but also for their synergy with each other.

Prime of Life reduces MP resistance, and Shovel of Judgement removes MP.

Greed buffs power, Ghostly Shovel takes it away.

And the entire build works to keep enemies frozen in place, disrupt their positioning, and make it difficult if not impossible to coordinate team movement.

It's quite effective in team play and especially in PvM because of what I can do to hold a mob at bay, but I'm finding that the relatively low damage is holding me back in some areas. I mean, it's not awful - I'm lvl 191 and am finding the majority of the game content accessible - but this is an experimental build and I'm looking for opinions from other end-gamers on its viability.

I really enjoy this diverse spell-set as well as the strategy that comes from this play-style, but I'm experiencing a lot of frustration in some areas. For example, the Pandawa dopple is just insane: I can keep it at away, but I can't kill its Pandawastas fast enough. And the Cra dopple is just insane - it has too much range for me to reduce it, and I can't out-hit it.

I'm not opposed to resetting my Enu and playing Chance/Wis or Str/Vit, but this build has been a lot of fun and I want to keep playing it. My concern is that it's ultimately going to be too weak in terms of damage output to really accomplish much especially considering how much of Dofus is combat-oriented.
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Well, it does seem rather viable but might be easier to compare if you showed what you already have, so we could see if getting this would change much. This should be good enough to get you up to 200 or something though, when you'll be spending kamas (or time, a lot of it) on some really good and expensive equipment.

Also, going omni always has the problem of having rather low or mediocre dmg but it's all about being more versatile. Can't really give advice for dopples since I like to play more of the tanky classes (current main is masq) but better gear should make them easier, even if you stick with omni.
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You can see what I already have. Click on my name and select my Enutrof alt from the list.

Anyway, this isn't about how this future set compares to my present set. It's also not about whether this is a good placeholder set for something better.

On it's own, as is. That's the feedback I'm looking for on the set I linked in my original post.
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