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Lvl 200 PvP gear for Str/Int

By Klavin#1513 March 15, 2019, 23:05:50
I'm trying to figure out what gear to shoot for as a lvl 200 Enutrof built for strength/intelligence. I found a bunch of builds on before realizing Dofus Touch doesn't have half the gear on most of those. I'll list what I've come up with below. I think it's descent except the % resistances seem low for PvP. I'm open to suggestions!

Treasure Set: Amulet, Cloak, Boot
Age Old Set: Helmet, Belt
Henual Ring
Bearbaric Band 
Archetypal Bow

I could add an armored DT, but I was leaning towards a Crimson mix since my Str is way below Int in this build. 

Any other ideas? 
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Hi, I saw your post and I had the same problem but on a feca so I build this one I would like to hear your opinion about it 
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Nice website! That's exactly what I was looking for. Here's my build on there then:

I think mine has yours beat on offense but yours is better on defense pretty much all around. More health, more flat resistance, more % resistance. What's the better choice for PvP? 
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Out of curiosity why int/str? I’m looking at doing a pure int build atm. Looking for advice.
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