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Feca help

By ragequit1991#8392 January 14, 2018, 19:20:01
Hi I am trying to start a feca. I was trying to findout what stat tree's are viable. Also was hoping to get some basic tips on how to play the feca in general. Havent quite figured it out.
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You have 2 choice.

int feca: good in early and mid game. 
wis(str/cha) feca: god in endgame.

If you have kamas to scroll, cha/str feca is a great choice. scroll cha and str. put all points on wis. you can disable mobs by AOE mp/ap raping.  you can have a big str damage in close combat and moderate damage in ranged combat. Wis feca is GOD in endgame such as frigost 2 and 3. also god in pvp

Int feca is good for start and solo. However, you are forced to join the group in the endgame and fire gryph disturbs group fight. In addition, we must concentrate damage  and kill mobs 1 by one in endgame, but int feca is not good for single target damage.
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Thank you I appreciate it. I will go cha/str then. If i do that should I be wearing cha gear or a combo of cha/str? And secondly, is there a guide on how and when to use different armors and which ones to level? I apologize i'm pretty new and have only played sac... and feca is very different.
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I would love to get some more info too the only good guides online are all for int. If anyone could go into gearing and spells that would be awesome
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I put all points to wis 837

I am str/cha feca wearing Frigost 2 gears. I have over 3000 initiative. I can give armor to ally before enemy attacks smile

I used cha gears until lvl 190 then ougaa set. (power%) because these gears have a lots of Wis. Wis is the important for MP rape.

Good:great for group fighting. Very fast leveling because you have crazy amount of Wis

Bad: not good for solo compared to int feca. It costs a lot! not reccomended for first char

Where to level
Norifice is the great place for the group leveling. Paralysing Glyph can disable most of pandala ghosts.


Key spell: level 6
Cloudy attack

reccomend: 5  is fine for some spells
feca shield
Paralysing Glyph
weapon skill
reinforeced protection

I leveled after I got spell scrolls
earth/fire/water/air armour
Glyph of Blindness

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Deleted to add new reply to OP
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I took this as my guideline for the one I hope gets to be my main char. Threw a couple of kamas and got full wis and str scrolled.

Made some mistakes though. Leveled all armours to 5 and Glyph of blindness too. Should I take those points back and level up my key spells to 5 (Cloudy and Bubble) and the ones you recommend?

I'm kinda loner, so not sure on how to level up. Made a couple of runs in Jalamuts with random people, but I don't actually like watching how other guy kill things for me. Got to lvl 80 that way. Should I go for achievements or should I do some Gobbal Dung runs/find people to ghosts?

Thanks for any advice!
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this thread is kinda old but I'd like to refer to the builds mentioned here. Are those still as good after the Balance to the Force Update?

These were the changes:
  • Truce: Will now apply the Pacifist state to its caster on the turn after being cast. This state prevents the caster from inflicting damage (whatever the source), such that they can no longer sidestep this spell's limitations by casting it at the end of the turn. It will, however, disappear at the end of the turn.
  • Fraction is now Ataraxia. Will apply a shield that reduces the damage inflicted by the next attack to zero before disappearing.
  • Spell Rebound is now Barricade. Reduces all close-combat damage suffered for 1 turn, and increases the target's MP if they suffer ranged damage.
  • Immunity is now Bastion. Reduces all ranged damage suffered. Increases the target's Power if they suffer close-combat damage.
  • Glyphs: Fecas' glyphs no longer inflict damage on allies when these allies are inside the glyphs (Flaming, Aggressive, and Repulsion).
  • The Natural Attack spell now steals Intelligence from the target at all spell levels for 3 turns.
  • The Bubble spell now steals Range from the target at all spell levels for 1 turn.
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