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Need a build

By eidoloncampeon#6046 October 04, 2016, 10:15:39
Im looking for a good feca build for this patch, I’d like to know what stat you think work better for feca, and how I should equip it.
Btw what does it means all that Chinese stuff?
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Str int or chance, whatever floats your boat...  
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I'd suggest int, glyph abuse biggrin
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Intel, and the chinese is definietly spam that mods can't deal with properly.
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Since the feca will receive an update in the future (2.23 if im correct), you can go for the easiest elemental path for now and decide later what path suits you better in the future.

Intelligence is the easiest in my opion regarding to the good soft caps and accessibility of more elemental spells. This being multiple glyphs and a fire spell. 

When the 2.23 update hits, you should be granted a magic orb to reset your stats and spells. This is when you can choose a potential other elemental path.

Here is the devblog of those changes
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Hi , do you know when is this happening ? or already did ? 

Sorry bad english. 

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