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Feca Defenses Broken

By Clientofwar#8442 February 06, 2022, 01:33:31
So I was out fighting some Gobbals in the area you get to after leaving Incarnam. I threw up Rampart and it did its job and reduced damage. However when using both Bastion and Barricade they did not negate any damage what so ever. I started with Barricade because I assumed Gobbals are close range. They still did full damage. So I tried Bastion, maybe figuring their damage type was considered Ranged. Nope, still did full damage.

I'm confused. I've had this happen with other mob types in other areas as well. An attack is going to either be Close or Long Range. So I really don't understand why it's not preventing it. The only way I could negate the damage was with Truce. But that just meant everyone took 0 Damage for one turn. I wanted to hold them off while my glyphs poked at them. Instead I was mauled to death cause the spell didn't do anything.
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Perhaps it can prevent only elemental damage.
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Sounds like bug to me.

Just asking, you did not use the 2 spells (bastion + barricade) in the same turn, didnt you?
Remember that if you use barricade after using bastion, the bastion's effect is negated (and viceversa)
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