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Iop class is Outdated

By PrinceZuko#3754 April 07, 2022, 20:24:43
Hello Ankama

I wanne talk about the facts that pretty much all classes have been boosted and upgraded these last few mounths, some classes even have new/updated spells, what makes them high tier classes and pretty much unbeatable, but what about the (Iop) ??? The only thing that have bin changed about iop is his ap spell what got nerfed, the iop pretty much is useless at any cases and barley getting used by many people because it feels and seems like there need to be some big changes the iop class is pretty much OUTDATED compare to all the other class that are UPDATED with new spells and stuff, its pretty much a shame that the iop class kinda gets disbaned and is unwanted Only because they pretty useless atm, can u guys (Ankama & Supporters) Have a better Look at it and give the iop lovers something greatfull (New Spells that will fit in with the other classes that got new spells ) like i said iop are Outdated and useless now, thank u verry much... help us out 
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I totally agree with this and im a enutrof my self i was a iop befor but had a class change because it lacks on many things, the can deal some great dmg but thats litterly the only thing good about it, and to deal some great dmg u either dead befor u can catch someone or u may hit the person 1 time good 
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Por ejemplo en vez de vitalidad, no sé darse escudos o recuperarse vida con mecanicas raras, como drenaje de vida o de acuerdo los daños causados, que espada de yopuka haga algun efecto secundario no se, hay tantas cosas, igual estoy hablandole al aire, quizas hay que ir al foro francés, recuerdo que yo reclamé ahi una vez y me hicieron caso jajajaajaj. 
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Indeed your rigth
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Yea i like to see the iop class getting refreshed, i hope ankama touch will look into it
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Cant agree more, even needs to change srams invi in fewer round. Its like 3rounds getting free hits mate. No balance at all
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