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New Builds for the Redesigned Osamodas

By Fuga October 04, 2019, 19:15:35

As the title suggest I was wondering if any is willing to share their build and experience with the new osa skill set.

I've been going with a pure cha build so far but i'm wondering if this is really the way to go.

First hit 200 chance and now going with 1 point in chance and 2 points in vit every lvl.

Lashing 5
Feline Movement 5
Summoning of Goball 5
Bestial heal 5
Tumult 5
Martyr 5
Determination 5
Symbiosa 5
with 20 spells points remaining at lvl 101

Right now the core strategy is to summon as many gobballs asap, let them block mobs while I hit them with 2x Tumult. I use the other summons in combination with Bestial Heal to keep myself and the Gobballs healthy. Lashing claw can be interesting once I got more than 1 Gobball out. Martyr can combo with Whip/ Bestial Heal but it's a bit situational. As for Feline Movement, I use to get my gobball to block faster or to get my teammates to move more.

Anyhow this setup works but with so many Spell points remaining I do wonder if I should go Hybrid.

I'm curious how you guys currently run your osa.
Int/Cha- I can somewhat imagine that int/cha is viable so you no longer have to sacrifice summons to heal gobballs since you got koalaks healing them. Also what ratio should you build your charateristics though?
Pure Int- seems interesting but I wonder how the dps is. I'd guess it leans heavily on crackler punch and ghostly claw and probably means the osa himself tanks the mobs partially while being healed by the koalaks. Also do the Koalaks keep close enough or do they just waste summon slots if they really can't get to anyone anymore.
Pure Agi- Hardest one for me to imagine, I got no clue how good/strong they are.

If anyone wants to share their insights and experience that would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Fuga,
In terms of pure damage chance osa is the strongest because of their gobball. 

Intel hybrid offers low damage on ghostly claw because of the low base damage; flat damage works better in this scenario. In the scenarios; summoning a koalak, dragon, and/or punch of the crackler power is more effective. 

Agility hybrid offers lock and dodge and a tofu every turn. I haven't seen this as an effective strategy.

Good Luck,

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Hey Onefifty,

Thanks for the information. So if I understood you correctly a pure int is weaker than a pure cha due to the lower base dmg of ghostly claw and perhaps not worth using at all.

Punch of the Crackler would be the main damage dealing int spell but you can only cast it once per turn until you hit lvl 148.

Do you perhaps have any insight on a chance/int hybrid then? In terms of characteristics and spells?

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