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Lv 85 Osa -PVE Build

By yyuliaa#5125 May 18, 2020, 18:21:13
Hi guys,
Back to the game after a whole year I didn't touch it. Saw the game got revamped, My skills and stat got reset as well.
My question here is what the current best build for Osa in skill and stats.
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I'm looking for the same hints
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Better to post on reddit/dofustouch
Quicker response there
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ya me too, im osa lvl 49 int sad
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Chance Osa: Is the insane damage build, great if you are playing solo. They revolve around the Gob Summon
Int Osa: Is the go-to all-around build. Bit of tanks with their heals and good for support with their heals. Decent damage, great solo build as well. Giant Dragon can do crazy damage.
Agi Osa: More about mobility and map support with their long range, takes a lot of work to get them up to par with the other two builds but an option if you want to make a tofu army, hehe. Not beginner friendly but if you missing an agi hitter on your team it can work then
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I tottaly recommend Int osa as they are amazing in all around just as thepiemaker said.

If your on dodge server, feel free to add me! IGN is Cozyy. We have a small guild of 5 members and we are low lvl as well (our 100lvl) and we enjoy the content to its fullest. Everyone feel free to join us as we are active ! 
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