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Osamodas summons' health (vitality)

By Sabahi#5239 February 01, 2021, 22:26:12
Hello to everyone,
Does anybody know exact calculation of osamodas summons' health?
i read this article: osa new redesign​​​​
But my summons health doesnt match this calculation. 
any help will be appreciated
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I will give you the example with the data of the link that you are providing from the official page
Red Wyrmling
Vitality: 65% of the Osamodas's basic health points.
Intelligence: 50% of total Intelligence.
Fire damage bonus: 50% of total Fire damage.

Well in my case I have my Osamodas by the points distributed as follows (characteristic points) 300 intelligence 100 luck and 295 vitality this leaves my Osamodas with a base life of 1445 to lvl 200.
Red Wyrmling lvl 6 has a base health of 119. So.
Red Wyrmling total life = 119 + (1445 * 0.65) = 119+ (940) = 1059 Hp.
I hope it helps you, as a clarification the percentages are on the base life of the osamodas, it does not include the set characteristics, unlike the case of intelligence and damage stats that do include those of the set.
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thank you very much. 
i havent use my character point yet. 
 without any equipment my osa's hp is 435 and vitality is 10 (this 10 vitality is from scroll not from character point). so this means my osa's base health is 425? if i give character point to vitality does it increase health for summons?

and calculation of my gobbal health:
my gobbal health: 358
and base health shown in skill is: 70
425*0.75 + 70 = 388 or 435*0.75 + 70 = 396
both of this calculation not matched. 

does summons base health change when osa level up?
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So the important thing to recognize is that summons will gain vitality from the summoner depending on the Basic Health Points of the summoner. Basic Health Points are simply determined by level, as each class has their own unique amount of starting health, and everyone earns an extra 5HP with each level. This value is not adjusted by Vitality from any source, such as characteristic points, characteristic scrolls, or gear. The level of the summon spell will also have some bearing on the summon's vitality. As a result, when comparing 2 Osamodas of the same level and the same spell level, the summon in question will have the same Vitality for each, regardless of build.
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