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Does chance actually affect Gobball summon?

By quacko#8819 August 27, 2021, 04:43:58
I'm a level 52 osa and it seems like the damage from my Gobball summon doesn't change with my chance attribute. 

To test this, I went to incaram with 82 points in chance and had my Gobball summon attack a level 22 young Sow, it did 124 damage. 
I then added 100 points to chance (now it's 182), and it did 124 damage once again to the level 22 young sow. 

Has the gobball summon changed to not be affected by chance? 

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im curious regarding this too! 
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Every 10 Trait Points, you increase 1 damage. These damages are variable for each spell, for example, from 10 to 14 fire damage, and you have 100 intelligence, increase 10 damage, can deal between 20 to 24 damage. Hope this helps.
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IDK if you are talking about Invo damage or normal spells, but if it is the later that is not how this works O_o with 100 int the 10-14 spell will do 20-28

Is characteristics worked like that you will spam low cost spells wich work better with flat dmg

Every point gets you a 1% increase in the base damage, so having 100 int will make the 10-14 spell do 20-28, and having 1000 will make it do 110-154
And then you add your fixed damage

And to answer the pot, yous your invocations scale with your characteristics and damage. But not with power! 
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