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Osa duo ideas?

By Azerbop#1913 October 04, 2021, 23:00:25
I'm thinking of making another character to duo with my Osa, my Osa is going to be full chance. Which other character you guys think would be good to pair up with an Osa? The idea of the duo is for PvM purposes, to support my main that is going to be the Osa. (My Osa I'll use it for both PvP and PvM, but I don't look to min-max necessarily, I just wanna have fun tongue )
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In my experience with Osa, you'll want to avoid Trap Sram, Glyph Feca, Turret Fogger, and Bomb Rogue builds. Osa can fill most roles, though they lack sufficient positioning tools needed for many dungeons. Sacrier and Panda will be great for this role, and Sram can be if you choose to avoid placing Traps where your summons will activate them. Str or Agi Sac, or Str or Agi or Int Panda are what I would recommend, but many builds would do well. 
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