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Osamodas, what is the use of the 2 AP of Communion?

By Gamer-Celebrity#1814 July 16, 2022, 13:26:12
Ok we will divide the damage and it is quite useful but what is the use of giving 2 AP to the summons?  I noticed that no summon can attack two times in a turn so these 2 app have no use or I'm wrong? I miss the old buff of AP which make it possible for the summons to attack two times in a turn. 


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A little late but hopefully it will help someone else.

At first like you mentioned it might not seem useful, but there are a couple of scenarios in which it is convenient:
  • Just for the purpose of dividing damage among your summons to prevent one from dying.
  • Pair with Koalak with Symbiosa and you'll be able to heal twice on the same turn.
  • If a target has Determination on it you your Dragon will be able to attack twice that target.
  • When using Favouritism on a target you might use it so that he can attack extra times that turn if missing 1 or 2 ap.

I personally use it only for healing and might be missing some other useful scenarios for it.
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