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Best Eniripsa sets?

By 4dudu#7292 March 26, 2017, 01:57:08
Hello everyone, 

I'm new with this class and I need some advice about it. I amb level 51 and I want to be a Intelligence/Heal Eniripsa. Could anyone tell me which set is better at my level? and for higher levels to improve it as long as I reach them?

Thank you all!

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Hello, friend! Welcome to the healer class.

If you are not playing solo, and going to support, you need to focus on +heals, +Intelligence and +AP equipment. Range, MP, Wisdom (for leveling and AP/MP loss resistance) will be your second stat of interest. You can drop Wisdom after hitting the top level, if you wish so. Vitality, Dodge and Initiative are not so important but can be useful. Other stats can be dropped.

Lvl 44Thunderset — love it very much for leveling.
Lvl 46 — Red Scaraleaf Set — Scaraleaf Classic, have no AP in layout.
Lvl 50 — Morello Cherry Blop Set — low level version of Royal Blop Set. Also it can be upgraded to Royal by jeweller and shoemaker. You need to get it in full to have +AP.
Lvl 57Pandalida Set — can be combined with future level 60-80 sets, can't say much. Haven't tested. Seems like more damage, than healer set.
Lvl 58Vulkanno Set — cool set for fire damage and heals so it is great Enirpisa set as is. Will be available only in August, I fear, because of limited ingridients.

Lvl 60Jellix Set — not interesting as complete set, you need Gelano alone, which will be great addition to any equipment layout.
Lvl 70 — Royal Gobball Set — too much Strength and to little Wisdom, but it's easy to achieve.
Lvl 77O'Ball Set — like it, but haven't tested.
Lvl 80 Royal Morello Cherry Blop Set — leaves lots of free slots, so you can add pieces of another set over it (O'Ball Set, as for ex).

You can use parts of Altruistic Set, which is your class set, if it boosts your favorite spells. But it is not mandatory, as per example Sacrier's class set pieces quite more useful on low levels for Scarier, than Altruistic for Eniripsas.

As for pet/mount, you can aim to Orchid Dragoturkey (pure or Plum and Orchid, if you somehow can afford second) or Black Quaquack (it can be easily bought from Almanax).

Also here it is some interesting equipment: Lullibye (level 81 hat), Sparkly Wand (level 81 wand), Dark Treechnid Root Wand (level 67 wand) and Lady Root (level 88 staff).

On high levels you have not so much choice before 150+. Maybe it will be Feudala Set (98), Vassal Set (105) and Elya Wood Set (135). In any way, it will be your own style and you should decide, based on your own experience.
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Awesome response, Svartalfr!  Have you considered writing an Eniripsa guide for the Class Guides Community Event?

As an alternative pet/mount, I would suggest raising a Fire Bwak.  This is great for those on a budget, as it's free to obtain and eats very cheap food. smile
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Thanks! I'm not sure I'm capable of writing guide for high-level content, which is mandatory by guidelines, so I don't feel experienced enough for this Event.

Fire Bwak is part of Fire Kwak Set (lvl 42), it contains +AP and +MP, which is great. I nearly forgot about this pet because I personally don't like 11–36 feeding time of the pet. It can lose hitpoints during a weekend.
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Thank you for your amazing response Svartalfr! It'll help me a lot to play this class biggrin
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estou descobrindo o jogo, estou gostando muito da classe embora eu esteja jogando solo. muito obtigado pelas dicas 
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Is eni recommended for a newbie? I mean I want a good solo/fun class but not too hard to get stuff
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