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Words of Compassion or Eniripsa Starter Guide

By svartalfr#8750 April 17, 2017, 15:31:46
Hello all!

I’m returning Dofus PC player, which found Dofus Touch experience quite similar what I’ve played before (I missed revamp completely) and love the mobile possibilities.
I’ve played a lot as Sacrier and Feca before, but decided to take Eniripsa way in Dofus Touch.

The first thing about Eniripsa — they are useful. And you shouldn’t miss this part of being good, helpful and useful for group Eniripsa.

You can choose Battle or Healer way, but in each case, you’ll mandatory take some Support spells. And being Battle is quite more easy and selfish (I have chosen this path myself) but this is the only way if you have no stable team with fully synced game time with yours. Sometimes you can take secondary tank functions yourself if you have good healer capacities, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Feel free to comment, ask questions and correct me. I’ll try to update and maintain this guide and expand the paragraphs upon your requests.
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Anyway, your first characteristic is Intelligence. Followed by Wisdom in many cases. You can build support+damage (Battle) Eniripsa on Chance+Agility combination (with points invested in Wis and Vit), but this Vampire-Tank build would lack versatility and can be easily blocked and becomes useless. You should choose another class for prospecting if you have this in mind. If you don’t have something special on your mind just choose Intelligence and be well. 

Characteristic point cost
Vitality: always 1:1
Wisdom: always  3:1
Strength: 2:1, 51+ 3:1, 151+ 4:1, 251+ 5:1.
Intelligence: 1:1, 101+ 2:1, 201+ 3:1, 301+ 4:1, 401+ 5:1.
Chance, Agility: 1:1, 21+ 2:1, 41+ 3:1, 61+ 4:1, 81+ 5:1.

Pay attention that equipment or scrolls don't affect point cost. But scrolling possibilities depends on points spent.

Vitality — leave it for equipment. You shouldn’t invest points if you are team healer, because you are not a front-liner, and have lots of erosion spells. If you are Battle you need it, so get fine equipment and if you can afford to scroll — scroll it.

Wisdom — it’s bread and butter for your levelling, by the fact you will have lots of trouble with wisdom less than 150-200 on 100+ levels. You receive 1% bonus per point of Wisdom to any experience you gain. Also, it modifies your Reflect, AP and MP loss and loss resistance capabilities. So I can name Wisdom as the second characteristic for Eniripsas. Even if you can’t afford full 101 scrolling, make it 25.

Strength — you have no earth or neutral spells. It will add you 5 pods per point… if you wish to scroll it don’t waste your money. It is the last characteristic you ever need. 
Intelligence — your main characteristic. Scroll it to 101 first if you can afford it. If you can’t — scroll it to 25 at least. You should invest your first 200 points here. And consider of investing next 100 too, before you hit 4:1 cap.

Chance — you have one chance attack spell. Also, it boosts Prospecting as 10:1. Don’t waste points, but scroll it after Int, Wis, Vit and Agi. 

Agility — you have one agility attack spell. Also, it boosts Lock and Dodge as 10:1 and Critical Hit chance. Don’t waste points, but scroll it after Int, Wis, and Vit. 
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All healing spells gain 1% bonus per point of Intelligence, which made it the near only characteristic to raise for Eniripsa. The spells that have "% of max HP" healing do not gain this bonus. 

Eniripsa have some spell with Erosion. Erosion works in the percentage of maximum health you have. It will subtract specific amount (shown as a percent) of received damage from current maximum health level while you have this debuff on you. You will regain HP level after the fight, also your current health will be replenished to the same percent you should have. As an example, you can have 1000 health, and have 1 turn of 20% erosion. If somebody hits you for 400 damage, you will lose 400 HP and your maximum HP will be lowered after the strike by 80 to 920. But after a fight, you will have not 600/920 or 600/1000 but 652/1000. It saves fish, by the fact. 

AP/MP loss
Eniripsa have the group of spells which can reduce opponent’s AP or MP. There is formulae based on your AP/MP loss characteristic, opponent's AP/MP loss resistance and enemy’s remaining amount of AP/MP. You receive +1 to AP/MP loss and loss resistance characteristic per 10 points of Wisdom. Also it can be boosted by equipment (trophies as ex.).

Eni has Word of Thorn spell, which grants 2 turns of damage reflecting (with 3 turn cooldown at level 6), which can be perfectly combined with some pets (Stone-washed Borbat can be easily obtained in Almanax temple) and equipment. Also, you gain 1% Reflect bonus per 10 points of Wisdom. Reflected damage doesn’t reduce received damage and cannot exceed half the damage inflicted by the spell (after applying target’s resistance). And it is still useful for Healer Eniripsas. 

Critical Hit and Critical Damage
Critical Damage is added to already happened critical hit. The crit probability is displayed as 1/10, 1/8, etc. Max Crit Hit is 1/2 (50%). I would love to quote old wiki table with a fairly simple final chance of a critical hit:
1/3 → 1/2 = 8 agility
1/4 → 1/2 = 42 agility
1/5 → 1/2 = 134 agility
1/6 → 1/2 = 384 agility
1/7 → 1/2 = 1060 agility
1/8 → 1/2 = 2892 agility
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Bolded spells can be learned via scrolls, which can be acquired from quests, dungeons, Almanax tokens, monster drops or Market.

Level 0 Mot Olov — must have for damage built. In fact, it is the core skill for Enerispa, who love to make others feel pain. Low usage for heal build because of 3 turns of the Altruistic state. This spell can be acquired in exchange of 1 dooplon in any class temple. Level 6 for Battle, level 1 for Healer (you can ever save the dooplon if you wish so).
Level 0 Leek Pie — low cost and low damage spell which can be nicely boosted if you are playing damage build. Don’t use +power for it, turn to +damage or +fire damage. Level 0 or 1 for Healer, Level 0 or 6 for Battle.
Level 0 Release — Eni already has Frightening Word. I don’t write it up as mandatory for battle Eni, but it can be the life saver in so many ways, so I recommend to have this spell at level 1 in any build. 
Level 0 Lightning Strike — mandatory spell for battle Eni, the only mass area effect spell you will have. Level 1 for Healer, Level 6 for Battle.
Level 0 Weapon Skill — can really boost your weapon damage. Useful on high levels, can be safely ignored while levelling.
Level 0Cawwot — nice healing summon. Nearly useless for Eniripsa.
Level 1Curative Word — your main self-heal. Your only AP-economic and friendly way of healing yourself. Level 6 for Healer, level 1 for Battle.
Level 1Forbidden Word — main fire attack spell. Level 1 for Healer, Level 6 for Battle.
Level 1 Frightening Word — push spell, which moves enemy or ally 1 square away. It is a quite useful spell, which is mandatory for any build. If you have spare spell points you can invest in this word.
Level 3Healing Word — main heal spell for low and high levels, mid-levels are better to work with word of sacrifice. You can’t heal yourself with this spell. Level 6 for Healer, Level 1 for Battle.
Level 6Wounding Word — your only air attack spell. Don’t bother with it and save for Battle build as weapon against air-weak monsters. Maybe.
Level 9Stimulating Word — you should max it in any build. +2 AP will be your great weapon. It boosts allies and enemies in the area of effect. It costs 0 by the fact because you will receive 2 AP just right after you spent them on spell. 
Level 14Preventing Word — reduce incoming damage. Max it in any build. As must have as Stimulating Word is. 
Level 17Draining Word — your first AP remove spell. Skip it on low levels.
Level 21Revitalizing Word — mass heal spell. Usable only in Healer build. You can heal yourself with it if position template correctly. This Word can heal enemies, so be careful.
Level 26 Regenerating Word — if you are planning to make Healer build you should max it. It will regenerate 3% HP each turn and it is cumulative. Sadly it disables in Altruistic (Battle) mode. Level 6 for Healer, Level 1 for Battle.
Level 31Word of Thorn — your reflect spell. Sometimes useful, but won’t save a day if you haven’t high wisdom and corresponding equipment.
Level 36 Word of Youth — your mandatory spell, it removes buffs from your enemies and debuffs from allies or you. Level 6 in any build.
Level 42Vampiric Word — drop this chance attack spell if you are Healer, but max it as Battle! Even with a low chance it will have high damage and steal half of damage dealt as your HP. It doesn’t count as healing by Altruism or battle challenges but blocked by “unhealable’ condition. Level 1 for Healer, Level 6 for Battle.
Level 48Word of Sacrifice — most powerful ally healing spell on mid-levels, it costs more than Healing Word, places 10% erosion on target (not on the caster, as stated in description), but it can’t be exchanged till you have really cool +heals equipment. And can lifesaver after that too. Level 6 for Healer, Level 1 for Battle.
Level 54 Friendship Word — Eniripsa’s summon. It has good health, average resistances and move, no attack and “coward” tactics (so it can’t be used for blocking enemy). Coney casts +1MP on caster after summon (and repeat it every few turns on nearest ally). Also, it heals about 20-50 HP every turn, depending on his level. His characteristics don't depend on yours, so you can level it as you wish. If Coney has +2AP he will heal twice per turn. This spell is disabled in Altruistic mode.
Level 60Paralyzing Word — your first MP remove spell. Use it wisely.
Level 70 Lifting Word — this spell adds +2 range. Level 6 in both build, but only after you levelled all you healing, damage spells and Stimulating with Preventing Words.
Level 80Word of Silence — detect invisible foes around you and strong AP remove spell. Have more benefits for a Battle build, but small range makes it no so useful in any battle. Level it with left points. 
Level 90 Word of Altruism — this spell turns you in Altruistic mode after strong healing of all allies and you. It is must have level 6 spell for Healer and sometimes can be used by Battle. But be careful, you can’t enter Battle mode with it, because Mot Olov is also disabled while you are Altruistic.
Level 100 Word of Recovery — full heal spell. I never leveled it in any build, but used it often. It prevents any kind of HP restoring of target, so be really careful with this last chance spell.
Level 200 Summoning of Eniripsa Dopple — you will figure it usefulness when you acquire it.

Moon Hammer spell is not a bad option for Battle build, but I’m not sure if it costs spent time on acquiring it. Summon Spells (Chaferfu, Arachnee) are not useful in most situations.

I would love to skip damage calculation because it’s easily made by and stubborn guy, but not interesting for most of the players.

Spell rotation is quite easy for damage build and fully dependable on AP pool. Healer rotation doesn’t exist at all — you must heal, don’t overheal and never forget to give regeneration and protections on others.
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You can max level 6 about 12 spell at character level 200. Also you can get additional spell points at price 1 for 1000 Kolossoken (2000 dooplons).

Words you should max level up for any build as support spells: Stimulating WordPreventing WordWord of Youth. Highly recommend Lifting Word and as secondary Frightening Word

Battle Eni mandatory spells: Mot Olov, Forbidden WordVampiric Word. Highly recommend Leek Pie and Lightning Strike.

Healer Eni mandatory spells: Healing WordRevitalizing WordRegenerating WordWord of SacrificeWord of Altruism. Highly recommend Curative Word and Friendship Word. Take time to decide should you level up Word of Recovery.
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If you are not playing solo, and going to support, you need to focus on +heals for Healer build or +damage and +power for Battle build. Your other primary characteristics for both builds are, +Intelligence and +AP equipment. Range, MP, Wisdom (for levelling and AP/MP loss resistance) will be your second stat of interest. You can drop Wisdom after hitting the top level if you wish so. Vitality, Dodge and Initiative are not so important but can be useful. Other stats can be dropped.

Lvl 01 — Young Adventurer Set is your set of choice until 42-44 level. 
Lvl 20Gobball Set — some Str and Int is useful, but usually I skip it in levelling.
Lvl 42Fire Kwak Set — I personally prefer Thunderset or Red Scaraleaf, because Kwak use lots of slots.
Lvl 44 Thunderset — love it very much for levelling.
Lvl 46 — Red Scaraleaf Set — Scaraleaf Classic, have no AP in a layout.
Lvl 50 — Morello Cherry Blop Set — low-level version of Royal Blop Set. Also, it can be upgraded to Royal by jeweller and shoemaker. You need to get it in full to have +AP.
Lvl 57Pandalida Set — can be combined with future level 60-80 sets, can't say much. Haven't tested. Seems like more damage, than healer set.
Lvl 58Vulkanno Set — cool set for fire damage and heals so it is great Enirpisa set as is. Will be available only in August, I fear, because of limited ingredients.

Lvl 60Jellix Set — not interesting as a complete set, you need Gelano alone, which will be the great addition to any equipment layout.
Lvl 60Eider Set — quite good Battle set.
Lvl 70 — Royal Gobball Set — too much Strength and too little Wisdom, but it's easy to achieve.
Lvl 77O'Ball Set — like it, but haven't tested.
Lvl 80 Royal Morello Cherry Blop Set — leaves lots of free slots, so you can add pieces of another set over it (O'Ball Set, as for ex).

You can use parts of Altruistic Set, which is your class set if it boosts your favourite spells. But it is not mandatory, as per example Sacrier's class set pieces quite more useful on low levels for Scarier, than Altruistic for Eniripsas.

As for pet/mount, you can aim to Orchid Dragoturkey (pure or Plum and Orchid, if you somehow can afford second) or SmushBlack Quaquack (it can be easily bought from Almanax) for Healer  build and any +Intellegence+damage or +power pet for Battle build.

Also here it is some interesting equipment: Lullibye (level 81 hat), Sparkly Wand (level 81 wand), Dark Treechnid Root Wand (level 67 wand) and Lady Root (level 88 staff).

Fire Bwak is part of Fire Kwak Set (lvl 42), it contains +AP and +MP, which is great. I nearly forgot about this pet because I personally don't like 11–36 feeding time of the pet, It can lose hit points during a weekend. As pointed Tenasuu, this pet does eventually improve damage a good chunk even at 100+ level of character. If you wish damage pet I suggest to choose one with +power (there are plenty of them) or even Teddybearbarian “Leek Pie God” with his +20 fire damage.

On high levels you have not so much choice before 150+. Maybe it will be Feudala Set (98), Vassal Set (105), Royal Mastogob Set (130),  Elya Wood Set (135) and Soft Oak Set (145). In any way, it will be your own style and you should decide, based on your own experience.
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Alchemist is default lore profession for Eniripsas. But you can be anything you want to be.
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Leveling Up

Just try to avoid monsters with fire immunity before you hit level 5 of Vampiric Word. I’ll try to find some more time to write leveling guide, but it is quite more difficult and verbose post than that. 
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helpful thank you ^^
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